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June 2016
Dear Friends in Christ,
How beautiful are the feet of those who bring glad tidings of good things!
~Romans 10:15~
The beginning of June, Kenny left for Haiti. He and Lussade delivered food to both OSM schools, and checked on Pastors Marc and Petti-Noel. The children still receive food even though school is out for the summer. After attending the schools Kenny began preparing for a team to arrive. OSM has always tried to help serve pastors and others in ministry, and this is true of the teams Kenny is working with in June and July. We are blessed he was asked to be a part of these teams. We will share with you the many ways in which he assisted them so they could accomplish their goals while serving in Haiti.
Some friends of Kenny and our family, Andrew and Lauren Torres, led a team of 12 excited people from their church, Leon Springs Baptist Church. The group stayed in the Merci Village, ministering the love of Jesus Christ to the children and families there. They focused on relationships, held church services, played games and provided activities for the people in the village. They also built 13 bunk beds and gave them away. Many of the children still sleep on concrete floors, so getting a bed, is a great gift and a huge blessing for those who receive one.
Just before Andrew’s team returned home, a second team from Geneva Christian School in Boerne, TX arrived. Kenny led those who wanted to go from both teams, on a hike out from the village. Hiking can be so much fun as often children, who live in the area, will join you. Haitian homes are mostly for sleeping and staying out of the rain. With no electricity and certainly no air conditioning, they sit, work and cook outside. As you walk by their homes, you can often greet the people and even engage them in conversation. A smile and “Bon Swa” (good afternoon) goes a long way when you don’t speak Creole. Most people who go on hikes in Haiti, really enjoy seeing the families and children at their homes.
The Geneva Christian School team was made up of 6 young men and women. They went to Pastor Etienne’s home in Cayes, gathered supplies and then drove out to Deye Mon. While there, they installed gutters on the homes which were built in a new village. At the end of the gutters, they put a 55-gallon barrel to collect rain water. They did this on the front and back of 5 homes. In that area, the people walk long distances to get water from a stream or river and carry it (on their heads) back to their homes in a 5-gallon bucket. This job is usually done by women and children. When they get rain, the people will collect as much as they can, but the water doesn’t usually last long. Having the ability to collect 110 gallons of water is a great blessing for the families who received the gutters and barrels!
Once the work was completed on the homes, Pastor Etienne, Lussade, Pastor Wilfred and Kenny led the team on a hike. They took 2 cases of Bibles to distribute. Kenny said it was an amazing hike. They shared the gospel with many people as they gave away the Bibles. Receiving a Bible is a big gift, the Haitians treasure the Word of God and are excited to have one. That day about 12 people prayed to receive Christ as their Savior. It was very exciting to be a part of this. Praise the Lord!
Last month we shared $6,325 has been sent for the Nissan. Besides helping get these teams where they need to go, Kenny has been using it as he prepares for their arrival. It is nice to have a safe and well running vehicle for transporting team members from the airport and around in Haiti. We are very grateful for those who have prayed for us and those who have sent more so that we now have $8,000, which is just $2,000 short of our goal. Thank you very much!
We are grateful that God uses vessels such as us to share His love with others. Only in Jesus Christ can we be usable. To God be the glory, great things He has done. So loved He the world that He gave us His Son! We are very grateful for your love, prayers and support!
Because of Christ,