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April 2016
Dear Friends in Christ,
April has been beautiful, the wildflowers were exceptional this year. Debbi’s Mom (Mema) came from Florida for her spring visit. She and Debbi drove to Dahlonega, GA and spent some time with the women of their family. Holly, Sara and Brigitta flew in to be a part of the gathering. Everyone shared how blessed we are for Mema and how much her life has impacted ours with the love of Jesus Christ. It was a wonderful time together!
Last month we shared that Jonathan had joined Kenny in Haiti and they were repairing vehicles. When they finished with the Nissan and the Ranger truck, Kenny gathered 16 goats and a case of Bibles and they drove to Jacmel, a little over an hour’s drive from the Merci Village. This is an area Kenny loves to visit. Back in 1995, Ken and some of our family, took a 60 mile hike back into the mountains of that area. In 2007, in Shelby’s memory, Kenny, Micah, Joel, Sara, John Leininger and a few others, led by David Bustin, hiked back to that area. (Kenny and Shelby had talked about taking that hike together) It was a difficult hike. David now has a mission compound (a home, church and school) back in those mountains in a small village called, Mabial (mau bee el). David is in the states now and Kenny occasionally checks on how things are going at the church.
Once they arrived in Jacmel, Kenny and Jonathan followed a river bed back into the mountains to get to the compound in Mabial. There Kenny met with the head deacon of the church, Tony. He had informed Tony he was coming and asked him to arrange meeting with families who would be blessed to receive a goat. The families Tony chose were very needy. Lussade helped Kenny present the goats. They also hiked by the river to give away Bibles. Lussade used the opportunity to share the gospel and several people prayed to receive Jesus Christ. Kenny shared and prayed with a man who kept saying he was too bad to become a Christian. He told Kenny that several of his children had died and he had become angry with God. He does not believe that Christ could possibly forgive him for all the wrong he has done. Another lady came forward and shared her testimony, asking Christ to come and live in her heart and to be Lord of her life. When the Bibles were distributed and the sharing of God’s Word was done, Kenny, Lussade and Tony were happy and blessed by the impact giving away God’s Word had on so many people, and as a result, there were new names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life that day. To God be the glory!
When Kenny arrived home, his Texas truck needed major repairs. He had to go deep into the engine to get it working again. He had help and advice from our friends, Ken Echols and Paul Braymer. We are grateful for both of these men and the hours they spent helping get the truck running. It seems we have had our share of work on vehicles, a necessary tool to get teams where they need to go, to get supplies out for teams, and to get Kenny where he needs to be to serve.
There is still a need for funding of the Nissan we purchased in Haiti. We are grateful that some of the money has been provided, but additional funds are needed to cover the purchase price. The cost is $10,000 and we are blessed that $1,250 has been given. Please pray about helping with this need.
“A man can receive nothing unless it has been given him from Heaven.” John 3:27 What a blessing to give the gifts God has provided through many of you, for the people in Jacmel this month. If even 1 person came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, all the work and expense is worth it! May the Lord cover each of you and your families with His blessings!
Because of Christ,