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March 2016
Dear Friends in Christ,
Kenny is doing well in Haiti this month. He, Lussade and Pastor Etienne oversaw the building of 3 homes in Deye Mon. Kenny assisted with making sure materials were there for the builders. He then put the roofs on homes. As we mentioned last month, Kenny was having transportation issues. Pastor Etienne drove the 3 of them back and forth between Cayes and Deye Mon while building the homes.
In Cayes, Pastor Etienne had a friend selling a nice 2004 Nissan Exterra. He thought Kenny/OSM might be interested in purchasing it. Kenny was able to rent it daily for a week, drive it and decide if it was good mechanically and it was. We and our board prayed for the Lord’s leading and decided Kenny needs a “daily driver”, so we purchased it.
When the team landed in Port-au-Prince, they were able to benefit from the newly purchased Nissan. From their arrival at the airport to running errands each day to help facilitate their needs, Kenny and the Nissan stayed busy. They ministered mostly in Merci Village and some of the group, including John Leininger, went to Deye Mon for a few days.
Noticing the need for a few mechanical upgrades and maintenance, we talked to our son, Jonathan, who is a very good mechanic, about going to help Kenny repair the Nissan. He was happy and excited to go. He has not returned to Haiti since we moved away in 1997, almost 20 years ago. Arrangements were made and Jonathan went to PAP with his luggage full of car parts. He, Kenny and Lussade’s nephew, Callilou, had their ups and downs, but were able to get a lot of work accomplished on the car. It is in great running condition now. Praise the Lord!
While repairing the Nissan, John asked Jonathan and Kenny if they would extend their stay to work on the Ford Ranger for him. He has made the Ranger available for Lussade to drive to help in the village, and as was usual, it was broken down. So, after they accomplished their goals on the Nissan, they began working on the Ranger. They took the head off, found another one in Haiti, purchased and installed it. We are blessed and honored that Kenny and Jonathan have had a month filled with serving and caring for OSM's needs as well as those of Merci Village in Haiti.
The Nissan has already been very helpful with ministry needs. We made this purchase very prayerfully. The cost was $8,800 and with taxes, tags and title we have about $10,000 in it. This car would cost about $4,500 in the US, but after adding shipping and customs, it is well worth this amount. Please pray with us that the finances for the Nissan will be provided. If you would like to help, we would be deeply grateful.
While OSM has been busy in Haiti, the Lord is still working in Mexico. Kenny was there just before he left for Haiti checking on Pastor Santos, Lety and Toncho, the Dorcas House and Carpentry shop. The boys from the Carpenter Shop often visit the Ranch of Faith. As Pastor Santos works with them, he uses the time to share the Gospel and life changing scriptures. The Ranch of Faith has turned into such a wonderful ministry tool to connect with the children in the colonia. Please keep each of these on-going ministries in your prayers. We enjoy assisting Pastor Santos in his mission to share Jesus and His Word with these young boys and girls.
Jesus Christ has reached down, picked us up, cleaned us off through His work on the cross and is actually using us to share His love in Haiti and Mexico! Amazing! Thank you so much for being a part of what we do through your love, prayers and support!
Because of Christ,