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February 2016
Dear Friends in Christ,
February has been a wonderful and challenging month all rolled up into one. We understand there will be challenges in this life on earth, and we will struggle against our flesh and Satan daily. This struggle reminds us this is not our permanent home. We have an eternal home waiting and we cannot even fathom how glorious it will be!
Kenny is safely back in Haiti, praise Jesus. He has been spending time in the village and checking on the girls, Lovena, Lovely and Belingina. There have been many repairs and maintenance issues on the homes and guest house there for him to work on. Every time he goes to the village, there are plumbing problems and repairs that need to be addressed. With teams arriving soon, he is trying to get the guest house ready. In the past, he has taken air conditioners for the guest house in his luggage with no problems. This trip, he was taking one for the girls’ dorm. But American Airlines would not let him check in the suitcase. He can purchase an a/c unit there, but the cost is very high. When he can get it through in his luggage, it is a big savings.
We are so blessed and happy to share your acts of kindness toward the people of Haiti and Mexico though the holiday brochures we sent out in October. From your generous outpouring of love, we will be able to purchase over 100 chickens, over 30 goats, 4 cases of Bibles and a little over $2,500 for food packs and ladies’ hygiene packs to give away to needy families. Praise the Lord for His wonderful provisions through you!
Right now, Kenny is experiencing challenges traveling in Haiti because of the demonstrations and road blockages. A president has not been elected, and a temporary president is in place, but the people are not satisfied. They express their frustration by blocking roads and slowing travel down. This causes businesses to close early so the owners can get home in the safety of day light. With all of this taking place, it has made purchasing the supplies and animals more challenging for Kenny. He is also having difficulty due to his personal transportation issues. He has used tap-taps to get around. An example of how transportation is affected involves the trip from the Merci Village to Lussade’s home on the mountain. It usually takes from 1.5 to 2 hours, but the other day it took 6 hours to make this trip. While traveling, Kenny has not felt he was in any danger, It just takes much longer to get places because of the unrest. Please keep him and the projects he is trying to accomplish in your prayers, for safety, and that he will be able to purchase the things he needs.
Once he is able to purchase the items to give away, Kenny will be distributing most of them to Christian families to encourage them. Some will be given to non-Christians to open up the opportunities to share Christ and the possibility of returning to their homes later. Most Haitian families are very grateful when they receive a gift. Usually, you are welcome back to visit. They love to sit in their yards and talk or have you visit with them while they are doing projects such as cooking or washing clothes. Because they usually do these jobs outside, as you walk by you can strike up a conversation with a member of the family very easily. If someone is visiting them, they get very excited and the rest of the family will often show up to join in the conversation. All of these are great ways to become friends and provide opportunities for us to share Christ with them. We are blessed to have been told that the Haitian Mamas in the Merci Village have grown to love Kenny and watch over him as if he was their son. Knowing this, plus friends like Lussade and Pastor Etienne, have been a huge blessing for our family.
We are grateful to you for your faithful prayers, love and encouragements, physically and financially. Please continue to pray for Kenny while he is in Haiti until the end of March. He plans to begin construction with Pastor Etienne and Lussade on 3 homes in Deye Mon this coming week. He would also like to to give away some of the goats and brochure gifts at the church in Jacmel. Then he will be helping host a few teams in Merci Village and Port-au-Prince areas.
We pray the Lord’s faithful love and protection over you and your families.
Because of Christ