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January 2016
Dear Friends in Christ,
We are so grateful for the Lord’s wonderful provision in our lives. Your kind response to the holiday brochure was such an encouragement to OSM, our family and the many families who will receive the gifts you have given. To God be the glory great things He has done!
Ken and Kenny had been trying to find an appropriate location to move the Haiti truck for repairs. It would have to be out of the weather and off the dirt to remove all the parts. A lot of work has to be done to clean and prepare the truck for Haiti. We prayed and searched for a location, and the Lord supplied. Jeff and Lynn Purkiss introduced us to David and Olivia, who also attend our church and recently moved to our area. They offered us part of their barn, which is way above what we had hoped for, to disassemble, clean and reassemble the truck. We are very grateful for both of these dear couples and all of their help.
Paul Braymer, Richard Schutz and Ken Echols have all been involved with the truck. Kenny has met with a man in San Antonio who works at a company that rebuilds engines. The company is discussing the possibility of assisting with the cost of an engine which would be a wonderful gift. While we are waiting to find out if this is going to happen, we are moving ahead on other projects that need to be done. Please pray with us that this company will help with the cost of the engine and for our plans as we move forward to get the truck ready for Haiti.
On Feb. 9th, Kenny will be returning to Haiti. He will be there until the end of March. While there, he will help with hosting a team from our church, Hillside Fellowship. They will be working with an orphanage and other ministry opportunities. When they leave, there are two other teams that will be going to the Merci Village. Kenny will be assisting them with their projects along with helping with needs in the village.
This month Debbi was blessed to attend 2 days of filming for the Bible Bee Game Show. We would like to share some of her experience with you:
I am so excited, blessed and humbled that Shelby’s life is being remembered by these amazing events each year. I cannot begin to explain how many young people and their families are being impacted by memorizing so many Scriptures to compete in the National Bible Bee. Some of the children who are a part of this event are chosen to go on to appear on a game show. They use the Scriptures they have memorized, plus some of the facts they’ve learned and their own personal applications of God’s Word in their lives. The hosts are continually presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ between Scripture recitations and questions. My first day watching the filming with all the lights and the beautiful stage that looked like Noah’s Ark, I just cried to think of all the Lord is doing through this ministry. Many times the young people who are involved tell me that reading or hearing about Shelby’s life has inspired them to study God’s Word and hide it in their hearts. These children are amazing to watch! When we know a time and channel for you to watch this show, we will share it with you. For more information on the national and the game show go to We would be very happy to provide information to anyone interested in finding ways to get your church involved in this wonderful event. Please continue to pray with us for the Lord to use the Bible Bee to encourage many children to memorize Scripture and that they too would come to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Because of your love, prayers and support we are encouraged to move forward with the projects the Lord has given us. Thank you so much for being a part of OSM and the ministry that is accomplished each month. May the Lord bless, strengthen and encourage each of you as you serve Him!
Because of Christ