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December 2015
Dear Friends in Christ,
What a wonderful year we’ve had working in Haiti and Mexico. God has been gracious to us in so many ways that it would be impossible to list them all. I hope you enjoy browsing through some of the pictures we pulled together from the year. We are constantly humbled by God as He continues to use us despite our weaknesses. When we are weak, then He is strong!
A lot of our family joined us for Thanksgiving this year, which we deeply enjoyed. Sixteen of our grandchildren were here, including our newest, Ezra, who was born to John and Mima the week before Thanksgiving. With 16 children in the house, 10 and under, it was a busy and exciting day. Debbi’s Mom joined us from Florida. All the children love having Mema around.
While we are writing this newsletter, Kenny is in Mexico checking on the work and projects being done. Pastor Santos and Sister Fini are always an encouragement to work with. We'll share more about his trip to Mexico later.
One thing that Debbi and I especially felt excited about this year, was seeing our granddaughters visit Haiti for the first time. Hearing about the trip from their perspective was an awesome blessing. Below is a short review written by our granddaughter, Heidi:
This fall I got to go to Haiti with my dad, mom, my sister Hallie and Uncle Kenny. I wasn’t sure what to expect. When we arrived in Cap Haitian Uncle Kenny and Pastor Etienne were there to meet us. They drove us to where we were staying through crowded streets with busy markets. There were motorcycles everywhere and people walking carrying heavy loads on their heads. One man got off a tap tap holding two baby goats tied up by their feet. People set up stands to sell things right in the streets!
One of my favorite parts of the trip was going to Pastor Marc’s school. We gave the kids lollipops and did a craft that said Jezu (Jesus). There were three little girls who were so sweet. They liked for me to hold them in my lap. I showed them Bible story pictures.
Another day Pastor Etienne drove us back into the mountains. It was a long drive that was very bumpy. You could see farms on the sides of the hills. We stopped at an outside market. There were lots of donkeys there loaded with baskets on their backs and piles of clothes on the ground everywhere for sale. We hiked down a steep hill with our backpacks filled with Bibles, coloring books and crayons. We visited houses by the road and gave the children coloring books. I liked seeing their smiles when we gave them something. They would sit on the ground and start coloring right away.
I loved getting to see and meet new people. I enjoyed seeing where my mom and Aunt Shelby lived in Haiti and meeting their friends. I’m thankful I got to go to Haiti and that God protected us there, and I’m thankful for air conditioning!
~Heidi Wakefield
We’re grateful for all the Lord brought our way this year and are looking forward to His plans in 2016! May the Lord’s blessings and protection be over each of you through this holiday season!
Because of Christ