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October 2015
Dear Friends in Christ,
There is salvation in no one else;
for there is no other name under heaven
that has been given among men by which we must be saved.

~Acts 4:12~
What an amazing month we had and would like to share it with you. Thank you so much for your prayers in our behalf. We praise the name of Jesus for His hand of mercy and protection over our family many times during the month of October.
Debbi and I went to Puerto Rico while Kenny flew to Haiti. There were some concerns regarding traveling in Haiti during this time because of upcoming elections. After much prayer and discussion about safety, Holly, Micah, Heidi and Hallie joined Kenny in Haiti. Jack stayed home with us.
They flew into Cap Haitian where they met Kenny and Pastor Etienne. Later, they joined the Bible Bee videographers, Kristopher and Sean. Having lived in Haiti in the 1990’s, Holly had always wanted to see the Citadel. The hike up the mountain is very steep and somewhat difficult. Some walked and others rented donkeys from local “tour guides”. Down the hill from the Citadel they visited the Sans-Souci Palace.
Leaving Cap Haitian, Pastor Etienne transported the luggage and the rest of the group flew to Port-au-Prince. Kenny, Kristopher and Sean left ahead of Holly, Micah and the girls. Holly asked us to pray for them as there was a mix up with their flight and the small airline had no seats for them, even though they had reservations on the flight. The Haitian airline booked a private pilot to fly them to PAP. The plane seated 6 people. Heidi and Hallie would have to share a seat. A storm was coming and they needed to get out ahead of the weather. One man didn’t show up so the girls didn’t have to double up after all. The pilot flew low and slow over the Citadel circling it so they could get a good look from the air. The flight was great and they arrived safely, praise the Lord.
Holly had arranged to have Bible school materials arrive ahead of them. ‘Art for the Nations’ shipped supplies for the children who attend both schools OSM sponsors. Holly, Heidi and Hallie gave a Bible lesson and did crafts with the children at Pastors Marc and Peti Noelle’s schools. Going to the schools is emotional and physically draining. The experience was a great blessing for Holly and her family as well as for both pastors and the children who attend the schools.
The group filmed several interviews with Shelby's friends. They shared their memories of knowing and working with her. Up the mountain from PAP, where we used to live, they interviewed Lussade and his wife Md. Lussade, two sisters who used to work for our family, Marie Camelle and Nadia and their brother-in-law Boss Leona. Everyone helped with the interviews, which took a lot of time. Everywhere they went they had to carry equipment, set it up then take it all back down. It was a challenging task.
They took some time to go to the top of the mountain and hiked for a while. Bibles, children’s Bible stories, coloring books and crayons were given to the children and families who gathered around the team. They enjoyed sharing Jesus with everyone they met. The group would like to have stayed and hiked longer since it had been such a blessing to talk to the people and see the precious children. Later that evening, they shared a meal with Lussade and his family. As always, it was nice to relax and visit with them. They have a gift of hospitality and the team enjoyed the fellowship. Lussade and some of his family were recovering from an illness, so he was not able to be with our group as much as he usually is.
Pastor Etienne drove our group everywhere. We were so grateful to have his help. He took them to the Merci Village where they met Kenny’s girls, Lovely, Lovena and Belingina. It has been a year now since their sister, Daphle, passed away. A lot of children greeted the team when they arrived. They walked around the village and enjoyed meeting some of the people, and observing all the work which went into building it. Of course, everyone in the village knows Kenny and enjoys talking with him and Pastor Etienne. It was great to see what the Lord has done for and through the families who live there.
The team ended their trip spending 2 nights at the beach in Jacmel. While there, they handed out Bibles, crayons and coloring books. Part of their group caught a bug going around Haiti, so they did not go to all the places they had planned. It was a very full week of travel and ministry, which is what Holly planned for their family team. Everyone was able to experience a lot of Haiti and this left them with a desire to return and continue their work. We praise God for all they accomplished in sharing His love, giving away Bibles, holding Bible school and assisting the Bible Bee film crew working on a documentary of Shelby.
Once the team left, Kenny stayed at the Merci Village and spent some time with his friends. He returned to Jacmel and visited a church and school which he would like OSM to assist.
We have so many things going on with the Haiti truck project. Kenny and I have stayed busy collecting parts and cleaning it. Richard, Paul and Ken Echols have all remained active in helping, also. Please remain in prayer with us that we have enough funds to complete the truck, ship it to Haiti and pay taxes, which are hard to predict. We are encouraged to see this project moving forward daily, each step brings it closer to being ready to ship.
We are blessed and excited to see what the Lord has in store for OSM. We feel there may be changes coming and we want to be sure to stay in His will and move in the direction He wants our lives to take in service to Him. Please pray with us for the future of OSM and our family as we desire to be where God wants us to be in service to Him. We are grateful for your faithful prayer and support for OSM!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family