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August 2015
Dear Friends in Christ,
He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.
~Colossians 1:17~
We are so excited to share what the Lord is doing through you and OSM this month. God is always faithful and good. We are blessed to be used in His service in Haiti, Mexico, and at home. Let us share what has been happening.
The end of July, Kenny and Mike Reed went north to Cap Haitian (C/H) to meet two of the mission leaders from our church, Hillside Fellowship. Kenny had worked with Lynn and a small team the beginning of July in Port-au-Prince, helping them with some bunk beds for an orphanage. Lynn returned to Haiti with her husband Jeff, to see more of Haiti, while looking for new ministry opportunities. Jeff and Lynn flew into Cap Haitian, where Kenny and Mike met them with a rental vehicle. They all explored the Citadel together. While in C/H they had the opportunity to meet the president of Haiti, Michel Martelly. Being the bolder one of the group, Lynn asked to have her picture taken with him. The whole group had a few minutes to meet and talk with him.
Traveling back to Merci Village from C/H the group stopped in Anse Rouge to pick up Kenny’s girls, Belendina, Lovely, Lovena, and their aunt and cousin. So the comfortable ride became more of tap-tap style from there on. The girls and their aunt had been visiting some of their family. Kenny met the girls in August of 2012 on a mission trip to Anse Rouge with Lussade and his family. (Some of you may remember that OSM took a medical team there in January of 2013.) The girls were living with their relatives after their parents were killed in the 2010 earthquake.
After visiting with the pastor and others who Kenny has become friends with in Anse Rouge, the group moved towards the Merci Village. They spent all day on the road, traveling on what we (Americans) would consider “off-roading” conditions. The distance from Cap Haitian to Port-au-Prince is only 85 miles but can take 4-5 hours.
They arrived at Merci Village late that afternoon, very tired, and had a meal before crashing at the guest house. The next morning they went to a beach town called Jacmel. Lynn had been there with Kenny, Sara, and Joel on a previous trip to Haiti. Mike, Jeff, Lynn, and Kenny had a great time there hiking and giving away Bibles, ending with a nice meal on the beach. The next day, Lynn and Jeff left Port-au-Prince to return home, and the day after that, Kenny and Mike left also.
Kenny has just returned from Nava, visiting Pastor Santos and our friends in the John 3:16 Church. Finding Pastor Santos and Sister Fini in Allende, they both cried when they saw Kenny and began telling him of all that they have been going through. As he can do well, Kenny poured himself into them and their situation, showing as much love and encouragement as he could. He said these are the times he leans into Jesus Christ the most, so that He will come through in his words and actions.
Many of you have been with our family to Haiti and/or Mexico and you understand the ways that Satan can come in and steal hearts and minds, in and outside of the church. It seems he has been working overtime in the colonia. Please pray with us for Pastor Santos and Sister Fini as well as the John 3:16 Church.
We will be out of the country when our September newsletter goes in the mail. Holly, Micah, and their girls will be going to Haiti at that time. They are looking forward to taking their girls to visit the OSM schools in Haiti. We will be caring for Jack while they are gone. Because of that, we will send the September statements in the October newsletters. Thank you for your understanding.
We are excited to share that we have about $20,000 in the Haiti vehicle fund, praise the Lord! Please continue to pray with us as we make decisions. We are grateful for your encouraging prayers and support for OSM! We pray God’s wonderful blessings over you and your families.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family