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July 2015
Dear Friends in Christ,
Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God!
How unsearchable are His judgments and unfathomable His ways!

~ Romans 11:33 ~
July has been full of blessings and challenges, both coming simultaneously. Christ told us that life would be this way, so this should be no surprise to His children. We are blessed to report about what the Lord has been doing through OSM in Haiti this month.
As last month’s newsletter ended, we shared Kenny was joining a team from our church, Hillside Fellowship. A small group traveled from San Antonio to help with a few projects. First they went to ‘Real Hope for Haiti’, which is a medical ministry, and delivered some medical supplies. They spent time touring the mission compound. Next they went to ‘Loving Hearts’, which is an orphanage Hillside has helped for the past 4 years. Loving Hearts had recently moved to a new facility and were in need of beds. Kenny and Lussade had the mattresses and materials for beds ready for the team when they arrived. Though the building time was short (1 day), they made use of the team members, translators and even a driver to pitch in and help accomplish the building of 10 bunk beds. After sleeping on concrete floors for some time, having a bed of their own was a big blessing for the children who received them. The team left behind some very happy and excited children as they returned home.
When the Hillside team left, Kenny had more repairs and maintenance issues to handle at the orphanage near the Merci Village. The fuel tank for the large generator had been sabotaged and needed to be professionally cleaned out. Kenny removed the tank and took it to be repaired. As it was being cleaned, Kenny continued returning to the orphanage and brought the children new mattresses, water and food supplies. After the tank was clean, he took it back and installed it. Once again the generator is working and the children have water in their cistern. Praise the Lord! How we do take water for granted, yet it is a big issue for many people around the world.
Pastor Etienne and Judy Foster (Children’s Village Ministries) hosted a wonderful work team. They asked Kenny to head up the construction of a roof on a church in Twa Mangoes. The team arrived in Port-au-Prince, spent some time in the Merci Village, then went to the Children’s Village in St. George. They worked on a few projects at Judy’s village. When our friend, Mike Reed, flew into Port-au-Prince Kenny, Lussade, and Callalou (Lussade’s nephew) picked him up at the airport, went by the Merci Village for supplies, and drove to Pastor Etienne’s home in Cayes. The next morning, they traveled with the team for about an hour and a half to reach Twa Mangoes to begin putting the roof on the building. While the roof was getting started, some of the team members had Bible school for about 250 children from the surrounding area. After working together for a couple of days, the team left. Kenny, Mike, and many Haitian helpers continued putting the rafters up and the tin on. Because it was a large roof, 30’x60’, Kenny was not sure how long it would take to finish it. Praise the Lord, after 5 days, the roof was finished.
There is an interesting story behind this roof. It was obvious that satan was not in favor of this project and was at work to prevent progress. This past November, a different team had gone to Twa Mangoes to put a roof on this same church. Before they were able to begin building, problems arose and because of disagreements among the team members, they left without beginning the project. Kenny said that they too sensed a spiritual battle while working on this church’s roof. When he and this team very carefully lifted the first rafter up, to their surprise it just fell back down. With a lot of people helping and many others standing to watch the biggest event going on in Twa Mangoes, it was a miracle that no one was hurt when it came down. During the week, 2 vehicles the team was using to go back and forth to Cayes broke down. One being Kenny’s truck (naturally) and the other was a Toyota Land Cruiser that Pastor Etienne had borrowed for transporting the team. The engine in the Land Cruiser burned up. Kenny’s truck was repaired well enough to continue using. The Land Cruiser was not repairable for the use of the team. With teams, there are many possibilities for things to go wrong.: Vehicles fail, tools or materials can fall or disappear, and saws can cut things that aren’t meant to be cut. Team members can have disagreements on ways the projects can best be completed. Having hosted a number of teams ourselves, we know it truly is a miracle when a group of people who have never worked together before, come together in a foreign country and complete a job while, satan is doing everything he can to cause division and difficult circumstances to destroy the work of the Lord. Kenny says Haiti is definitely a place you can see the hand of God and the work of satan at the same time. God is good and we thank Him for the safety and completion of this church roof!
We are very encouraged to report we have $14,000 for the Haiti Vehicle Fund with a few more possible commitments, praise the Lord! We are blessed by many responding to our need for dependable transportation in Haiti. Kenny is scheduled to return home on July 30th and we will further our plans then. We are very grateful for your prayers and financial gifts to make this need a possibility. Please continue to pray for our travels.
Thank you so much for your love, prayers and support so OSM is able to continue reaching children and families in Haiti and Mexico. We are grateful for the many ways the Lord encourages us through you. May the One Who loves us more than we can imagine, Jesus Christ, be glorified and lifted up by the love expressed through OSM!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family