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May 2015
Dear Friends in Christ,
We have tried over the years to remember the 1 John 3:16 & 17 passage below and follow our Savior’s example. One of the first chapters our children memorized when they were younger was 1 John 3. In our minds we can still hear them reciting this passage together. It has been 10 years ago this month that Shelby went Home to Jesus Christ. This scripture was important to her and she lived it through loving and serving others with her life here on earth. This, and her personal relationship with Jesus, is why we are confident she entered into the presence of her Savior when she left her earthly home. We all miss her so much every day. Our hope is always in Jesus and His promise that He truly has gone to prepare a place for us, His children. We will one day be together with Him and our precious Shelby. Glory to Jesus!
Debbi and I took our first trip to Haiti together in June of 1985. For 30 years now, our hearts have been drawn to the precious people there. It is a blessing to see Kenny’s passion to serve through assisting and encouraging his brothers and sisters in Christ in Haiti and Mexico. He is more “at home” there than anywhere else and we understand his heart.
Kenny has been working on a project that OSM has been involved with for over a year now. The Lord laid it on the hearts of some of our longtime supporters to help with a water project in Haiti. They didn’t have an exact plan in mind. They just wanted to help fund a water project for whoever and wherever we felt led to help. We decided to come alongside Judy Foster, who has been a friend of ours since we lived in Haiti. The Lord has given her the vision and means to set up a “Children’s Village” close to Cayes. She plans to minister to those who are handicapped. In Haiti those people are often the last to receive care. Judy has buildings set up and ready to start serving them, but she has been hindered by the lack of water in her village. Through OSM, she had one well dug on her property which did not produce good water. After working out a deal with her neighbor, good water was found. Kenny has been laying pipe to the cistern on her property and getting the cisterns set up so there is water for each cottage in her village. He is also building a small shed to house the generator that runs the pump. The property where the well was placed has a school for between 300 and 400 children. Praise the Lord! Now, they too, have water. When she started looking for a good water source, Judy did not even know the school was there. The prayers and gift given by this couple and their church will provide water for the Children’s Village as well as the school. God’s ways are not our ways, yet He had a plan all along. Thank you Guthries and Friends!
We mentioned in last month’s newsletter that we rented a home for the blind lady who lives in a very small hut that leaks badly when it rains. Md. Genelon and her daughter have settled into their nice little home, right across the street from the church. Before, she had a long walk to get to the church. This is difficult for an elderly person, but being blind made it even more challenging for her. Thank you all so much for your gifts which enabled us to rent this home for a year.
During our stay in Deye Mon, we met a boy, Job, who had a smile that covered his whole face. Pastor Wilfred shared with us that Job is a class leader in the school. It was very easy to fall in love with him. He had a countenance that reflected his heart. When we visited the family at their home, we were drawn to him even more. After talking with Pastor Wilfred about him, we decided to give him a Bible and a goat to show our appreciation for his Christian testimony at school and with his life. The next evening, his parents came up to the guest house to talk to us. Though we saw many needs when we visited their home, they asked for nothing. They simply came to express their appreciation for the gifts given to encourage their son, Job. We were deeply blessed by their kindness.
Last month we told you about the new generator we purchased. When we returned to Lussade’s home, we presented it as a gift to him. It was quite an accomplishment to get this heavy machine on top of his 2 story roof. Then, we took his used generator (also hard to maneuver down the 2 story building) back to Deye Mon as a gift for the church. Though it is used, if it is taken care of, it should last quite a while. They have no power there, except through generators since power lines don’t go that far out into the country. During the church services, if they have the money to purchase fuel, they will use a generator for the instruments and the sound system. When they sing, the acoustics in the building are great and they can be heard all around the area. It is inspiring to be up on the mountain and hear their beautiful songs of praise to Jesus Christ!
We have received about $2,500 for transportation for Kenny. We are very grateful for each of your kind gifts. The truck Kenny uses is still in pieces. He has had to rely on Pastor Etienne and tap-taps to get where he needs to go this month. We still need additional funds to purchase a more dependable vehicle for his use. Please join us in praying about the best way to provide this need. Also, pray with us regarding Debbi and I joining Kenny in Haiti for extended periods of time. A lot of details will need to be worked out to make this desire a reality, however, we know that the Lord is very good with details.
Many of you pray, many of you send financial gifts, and many of you encourage us through notes and letters. We are very grateful for each of your responses to our newsletters. We pray each month these letters are a blessing and an encouragement to you by sharing what the Lord is doing through you. We consider OSM as an outreach to the people of Haiti and Mexico that is only made possible by our supporters. Thank you for ministering with us!
Love In Christ,
The Kennedy Family