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April 2015
Dear Friends in Christ,
Our last newsletter left us in Haiti. We shared that we went to Dèyè Mòn to get an idea of the tools and materials we would need to hang new light fixtures in the church (shepherded by Pastor Wilfred), and rewire the guest house there. After the investigative trip, we returned to Lussade’s home.
Kenny, Debbi, Lussade, and I spent days gathering supplies in preparation to return to Dèyè Mòn. It is a very remote village, so it was important to find anything we might need before leaving. Mike and Tom Reed, from Paisley, Florida, joined us to assist with the work that needed to be done. Tom is a retired electrician and his son, Mike, has experience in plumbing and electrical as well. The two combined made a great team. They blessed Lussade by completing a few projects around his home before leaving for Dèyè Mòn.
We drove to Cayes and spent the night at Pastor Etienne’s home. The next morning we worked on a few projects at his place. We also bought a new generator to take with us to Dèyè Mòn. Madame Lussade purchased the meats and fresh produce that was needed for our meals and then we were set to go.
Driving to Dèyè Mòn is absolutely beautiful. We arrived late in the afternoon. Our small team got to work with flashlights, setting up our bedrooms and the kitchen for Md. Lussade. The next morning, our group and some Haitian men began working at the church taking down old fixtures and putting in the new ones. There was also a lot of work that needed to be done on the church wiring. Tom and Mike were amazed at some of the electrical situations they saw. After a couple of days, the church was finished and we focused on the guest house. First, conduit, light, and outlet boxes were installed, then new wire run. The old panel box was removed and replaced. When we finished, each room had a new light and 1 or more outlets.
While working, Debbi saw a boy about 10-12 years old leading an older blind lady around. Debbi loves to meet people and find out about their life stories. So she went and met the boy and his grandmother, Madam Aristene. She is a dear Sister in Christ who used to work in the church. Besides being blind, she has had a stroke as well. Pastor Wilfred talked to her and shared her story with us. Meeting her was a privilege and we were blessed to help her financially for food and lodging.
Pastor Wilfred took us to meet a precious Sister in Christ, Madam Genelon, who is blind physically but not spiritually. She was so happy that we came to her home. She greeted all of us with a big hug. Her sweet smile never left her face during our visit. We couldn’t help but notice that her home leaked like a sieve. Before we left Dèyè Mòn we arranged to rent a nicer house for her and her daughter. Kenny plans to put a new roof on her home so they can eventually move back in. Thank you for your prayers and financial support which made this a possibility. Sometimes God will place a need in our path very unexpectedly, and we praise Him for His providence. It is an example of how much He loves His children.
One afternoon, Pastor Wilfred also took us to pray for an ex-voodoo priest.
He was sick and very frail, just lying on the floor of his home. He had come to Christ after being ministered to by David Bustin, the missionary who built the compound, pastored the church, and lived in the home we were using as a guest house. Two voodoo priests had fought each other, one went to jail, the other to the hospital. David and his family ministered Christ’s love to both of them and they both came to Christ.
On one of our last days there, we all loaded into Pastor Etienne's Land Cruiser and drove to the coast to Pestel. Debbi and some of our children had been there before, but with all the travels in that area in the past, Kenny nor I had ever been. We all enjoyed the beauty of the water and the small fishing village. While walking on the streets we met a kind older man. I talked to him about the town and the changes over the years. He professed to be a Christian and I was able to give him a greatly coveted Bible. He was very happy for the gift!
Another gift, which Pastor Wilfred had asked us for last year, was an electric bass guitar. Our home church worship leader, Darin Miles, donated a like new bass guitar, speakers, and microphone which greatly blessed the worship team and the members of the church. Pastor Wilfred was so thankful for our time, the gifts, and the work done. During our stay, we were also able to distribute 2 cases of Bibles, hundreds of Bible Bee shirts, and over 200 tooth brushes that Tom and Mike brought.
Weeks before going down, I ordered 14 new light fixtures for Pastor Wilfred’s church. The lights were flown to Port au Prince through Missionary Flights International (MFI). By accident, we were sent 24! I didn’t need that many and at $30 a piece planned to get it worked out later. As we were finishing up with the light fixtures in the church, I asked Pastor Etienne what his light fixtures looked like in his church. He shared they were just light bulbs, no fixtures. So, leaving Dèyè Mòn, we stopped back at his home in Cayes and immediately went to his church to take a look. And as he described, there were only a couple of bulbs screwed into sockets, no fixtures. Pastor Etienne’s church needed exactly 10 light fixtures, the number we had left over! Praise the Lord another church was blessed to receive new lights. P.S. We did pay for the extra lights sent.
Working with Kenny this month reminds us that our love for Haiti and missions began back in Feb., 1985 with Ken working under a missionary’s Jeep. It was a life changing experience for him and our family. He realized that he could work on that man’s vehicle to enable him to go out and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Well, our ministry and calling has changed over the years, but the need for a vehicle still remains a challenge in Haiti. It must be able to accommodate a lot of people and cargo, as well as withstand Haitian roads, often comparable to American “off-roading”. Only a Servant Ministries really needs a better vehicle. We spent lots of time and money having the truck we used repaired. It has been hard to decide whether investing more money in it is wise. Please prayerfully consider helping us raise money to purchase another vehicle. We go back and forth as to whether it is better to purchase a vehicle here and fix it up to ship it down or to purchase one there.
We are so thankful for all that was accomplished with Tom and Mike’s help during our Haiti trip. They were great and we were blessed by our time together! We hope to share more of our experiences with you in next month’s newsletter. Thank you all so much for your prayers, your love and support which enables us to go! We are grateful!
The mind of man plans his way,
but the LORD directs his steps.

Proverbs 16:9
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family