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March 2015
Dear Friends in Christ,
Debbi, Kenny, and I are currently in Haiti. Our plan is to be here a little over a month. We have been looking forward to spending this extended amount of time here for quite a while!
Before leaving for Haiti, we were blessed to deliver some special gifts to the Dorcas House. Dear friends of ours, Wayne and Sue King, gathered and sent fabrics, scissors, threads, a sewing machine, and other supplies for Lety and the girls. Kenny shared that the girls were very excited when he made the delivery. He also spent time with Toncho and the boys in the Carpenter Shop. Both ministry houses remain busy with young people coming for Bible teaching as well as learning sewing and carpentry skills.
Several evenings Kenny, Pastor Santos, and Sister Fini went to church member’s homes for small group Bible studies. Along with the Bible study, they had times of prayer and fellowship. Pastor Santos and Fini are very good at applying Scripture to life situations for the people who attend these meetings. Kenny was blessed and encouraged to spend time with Pastor Santos and our friends in Nava again.
After Kenny returned, he, Debbi, and I left for Haiti. Leaving San Antonio was a challenge this trip. We arrived at the airport around 4:00 a.m. for a 6:00 flight. The American Airlines ticket agent would not accept Kenny’s passport and he was not able to fly out with us. Back in 2007, when hiking through waterfalls and rivers in the mountains of Haiti, Kenny got his passport wet, yet he has used it with no problems since then. This particular agent said because it had been wet, she could not accept it. Though it was frustrating and expensive, Kenny stayed back, rented a car and drove to Houston where he got a new passport in 18 hours. Then he was able to join us in Haiti a few days after we arrived.
After Kenny’s arrival in Haiti things got busy for us. He not only serves as our translator here, but also provides us with transportation. Lussage laughs and says Kenny no longer needs him, but of course Lussade is essential to O.S.M. It’s always best for Kenny to have a Haitian with him when he travels. Travel in Haiti can be very dangerous. There are no traffic laws. The streets are packed with vendors, animals, children, and motorcycle drivers chaotically zipping in and out of people and traffic. IF he was to have a serious accident, the police would take him into custody for his own safety. Please pray with us for God’s protection around our vehicle as we travel in Haiti.
The three of us and Lussade drove out to Cayes, then north to DeyeMon. This is where we took a medical team a year ago. We spent some time with Pastor Wilfred looking at the electrical needs of a guest house and his church. Two men from Florida will be joining us soon and they will help us with some electric and plumbing repairs. If time permits they will also help at Pastor Etienne’s home, Lussade’s home and in the Merci Village. We hope to add to the supplies we brought in for them so they can accomplish as much as possible while they are here.
Once again OSM was blessed to help Lussade’s 83 year old Mom, Marie Alice, with a ministry she has in Port-au-Prince (PAP). We purchased chicken, rice, oil, and charcoal for her, her daughters, granddaughters, and other ladies from her church to cook a large meal for over 250 people. The food was given to the homeless, sick, and elderly. It was very interesting to watch her orchestrate this massive meal of beans, rice, and chicken then load everything and everyone into a truck and go downtown. While watching these ladies talking and laughing together, working outside with large kettles over an open fire and charcoal stoves, we felt humbled.
Please keep us in your prayers as we continue working in Haiti through the middle of April. We look forward to updating you on all that God does during our visit here. Praise the Lord that He is Risen and has conquered death to give us an abundant life in Him!!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family