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January 2015
Dear Friends in Christ,
This newsletter seems to be right on the heels of the December newsletter. We were late with December’s and trying to get this one out a little earlier since we are leaving on a trip February 2nd.
The day after Christmas, Kenny went back to Haiti. He had hoped to spend some time with his 3 little girls while they were out of school for a couple of weeks. But, as often happens, there were many other projects in the village that took precedence over his plans. He stayed busy helping in the village, then preparing for a team from Texas, as well as 3 young ladies who joined the team from Ohio. We plan to give you more information about what the Texas team accomplished in February’s newsletter. The 3 girls that joined are from Ohio, Ashley McMahan, Rachel and Elissa Martin. Ashley’s family runs the National Bible Bee each year and Rachel and Elissa are former Bible Bee finalists.
We were blessed by all of the warm responses to the holiday brochure sent out the end of October. We will continue presenting these gifts to families in need throughout the year.
While the Texas team was in the village, the girls from Ohio assisted with their projects. When the team left, Kenny and the girls took time to visit OSM’s schools and to hand out some of the gifts provided through the Holiday Brochure. They took some of them to the schools to give to the children and their families. They visited Pastor Peti Noel’s school, then went to Pastor Marc’s. Both pastors were very glad to see them and arranged for several needy families from their church and school to receive Bibles and food packs. They were greatly blessed and asked if it was possible for us to do this on a regular basis. The Bibles were a prized gift. Kenny and the girls decided to give the animals away in the village. In the areas in which both schools are located, the families wouldn’t have access to grass and places for the animals to graze and roam.
Please be in prayer for Lussade’s sister Pascal. Pascal had some complications during the delivery of her baby boy and ended up having a still born. Her body is healing well, but we would ask for prayer for her as she heals emotionally from this loss.
We are so grateful for the response to the Holiday Brochure. The girls were thrilled to be a part of handing out all of these blessings and practical items to so many excited recipients. Each family appreciated whatever they received. May the Lord Jesus be glorified through these gifts given in His Name to encourage and help strengthen these children and their families. May you be blessed many times over for your selfless expression of love and may we all recognize the wonderful blessings God gives us daily.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family