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December 2014
Dear Friends in Christ,
Our family was blessed with a wonderful Thanksgiving. Micah, Holly and their children were able to be with us. Since moving to Puerto Rico, they had not been back to San Antonio. Holly was pretty excited to finally get to see and spend time with her new nieces, Maddie and Emma. It was nice to have 30 immediate family members together for the holiday. Debbi and I enjoyed hearing the children share their stories of growing up and the funny experiences they had in Haiti and Mexico. Debbi’s Mom drove from Ocala, Florida to join us. We always love having her with us. It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time together.
This year the Bible Bee is exploring a new way to expand the program. Their goal is to increase exposure to young people who may want to participate through a Bible Bee game show. It may be televised. Some filming took place while we were in Orlando for the national finals. Additional filming was done in San Antonio the beginning of December and many of the young people who participated in the national finals were there. Again, it was another amazing event. The first day, David Robinson, a former San Antonio Spurs basketball player, showed up to encourage the contestants. The second day, Max Lucado came and the third day Beth Moore attended. We were blessed once again to see these young people praying for one another and encouraging each other to do their best. They seem to understand that whether they win or not, they are all winners by having so much of God’s Word in their hearts.
Debbi and I drove to Jacksonville with Kenny to join Brigitta and more of our family for Christmas. We traveled to and stayed in the home of Ken’s sister, Sharon. She has been a huge help to OSM by her faithful editing of the monthly newsletters for years. We are always blessed by our time together with her, thank you Sharon! It was great to see more of our family, including our daughter Michelle and her 2 precious children, Ivy (7) and Caden (5). We had a great time seeing some of our friends and family.
On the 26th, Kenny left us to return to Haiti once again. He is always ready to get back there. He enjoys solving problems with plumbing and electricity in the Merci Village, checking on the 3 girls and the 2 OSM school feeding programs. Pastors Peti Noelle and Marc are doing fine, and things appear to be going well for the children of the schools. Kenny will be hosting a small team coming to the village January 14-19. Please keep him and the team in your prayers as they endeavor to minister Christ’s love to the families in the village.
There are always a lot of needs with the school children, the families and children in the village, and in Nava as well. The holiday brochure is our way of letting you know what their needs are. It is exciting to be a part with you of sharing more special gifts for these precious, needy people. They are very grateful for the loving gifts they receive, no matter how large or small. Thank you so much for your kind and generous response to the needs of many families.
Sorry for the late newsletter. Our car decided to die on our return trip from Florida and because of the timing over the weekend we lost 3 days in Pensacola. If you ever break down there, it’s a pretty place to visit. But knowing we needed to get home after Christmas to work on the newsletter, it was hard to enjoy the down time as a mini-vacation.
Throughout the holidays we realize that many people are more open to talk about God and His blessings over them. Even those who reject Him, are more tolerant during Christmas as we proclaim the Holy Name of Jesus. During this season, people all around the world are faced with the decision of rejecting Christ or recognizing Him as God’s most loving, merciful and amazing Gift to mankind! Hallelujah…what a Savior! May we all be open to sharing Him with our families and friends who don’t know Him. We are deeply grateful for the many ways you have helped us minister in 2014. Have a blessed and bountiful 2015!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family