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October 2014
Dear Friends in Christ,
For years our family enjoyed listening to a wonderful pastor, Ron Dunn, who went home to be with the Lord several years ago. Pastor Dunn made a statement in one of his sermons Debbi and I have often been reminded of over the years. He said “Good and bad run on parallel tracks and they usually arrive about the same time”. This has been true for us many times in our lives, and how true again this month.
Sara and Joel had a celebration with the family the first evening Maddie and Emma were home from the hospital. We were all happy the family was finally together again. It was wonderful to praise the Lord for His goodness and care. We spent the evening holding and loving the precious girls and were sitting down to enjoy a nice meal together. This is when we received a very sad and difficult phone call.
Before I tell you about the call, I need to give you a little history. In July of 2012, Kenny went on an mission trip with Lussade’s church to Anse Rouge. At that time he met and began caring for 4 little orphan sisters who were living with their aunt. The girls, Lovely, Lovena, Belangina, and Daphlie lost their parents and home in the 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince. Kenny brought them food and supplies when he could. Eventually, he built a home for the girls, their aunt, and uncle in Merci Village. The aunt and uncle were barely able to take care of their own family much less the girls. Kenny has been financially supporting the family and the girls for several years now.
The phone call Saturday evening was to tell us that Daphlie, the youngest sister, had died from an allergic reaction to a medication she was given for a fever. Daphlie was 10 years old and a very healthy, happy, and energetic little girl. We are all heartbroken. We felt sad for her sisters and for Kenny, who has not “officially” adopted the girls, but in his heart and mind he has adopted them. He purchased tickets previously to return to Haiti the following Wednesday. We decided to go ahead with the plans already in place.
Before heading to Haiti, Kenny and Debbi went to Nava. They were blessed to give away some beautiful sweaters which were lovingly sewn and donated by the Free Grace Baptist Church. These sweet Sisters in Christ crocheted several boxes full of sweaters for people in Nava. Pastor Santos went with us as we delivered the gifts to several children who had many needs. The children were happy to receive the colorful sweaters. Because of time, we were not able to give them all away. Sister Fini cheerfully agreed to give away the rest of the clothes at her next Bible class. Thank you ladies from Grace Church for your kind labor of love!
Other supplies were delivered. A dear friend from San Antonio donated a sewing machine and some fabric for the Dorcas House. Next door, we delivered a pulley for a lathe that Toncho needed in the Carpenter Shop. Both the Dorcas House and the Carpenter Shop remain busy with children rotating each day for classes and discipleship. We were able to get a picture of Lety’s house to show you how badly she needs a new home. We praise the Lord that $2,500 has come in for her home so far.
Kenny is now back in Haiti. He had a very emotional greeting from the girls when he got to the village. They seem to be doing as well as possible. There were a lot of details he had to take care of in preparation for Daphle’s memorial service Saturday. Any gift for the funeral costs and Kenny’s plane ticket would be greatly appreciated. The total was $3,000. All additional donated funds will be used toward the continued care of Daphle’s sisters. Some donations have already come in for the funeral expenses, thank you so much for your love and prayers!
After the memorial service Kenny told us that this has been the hardest thing he has experienced. However, he felt the love and prayers of friends who have written they are praying for him and the girls. He said that God gave him the strength to share that Daphlie is with her Bridegroom in Heaven. If they want to see her again, they need to accept Jesus as their Savior also. He shared about Daphlie’s life and used the opportunity to share the gospel. His prayer was that Jesus Christ would be honored and glorified.
The Bible Bee is being held the end of this month. We will include additional details of Kenny’s trip and the Bible Bee in next month’s newsletter.
In another of Ron Dunn’s sermons he shared the story of Jacob wrestling with an angel (Gen. 32:22-32). When they were finished wrestling, Jacob received a blessing but he also walked with a limp. We too feel we have received so many wonderful blessings, so many things to thank Jesus for, and yet often we feel we walk in life with a limp. May we always see the blessings and gifts that God is giving us. Please keep Kenny in your prayers as, once again, he is working and sharing Christ’s love in Haiti. Thank you all so much for your love, prayers and gifts which enable us to serve in Haiti and Mexico. May Jesus bless and keep you and your dear families in His loving care.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family