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August 2014
Dear Friends in Christ,
Our God is an awesome God and we are grateful to Him for His abundant mercies! There are so many ways He has proven His love for us and we feel renewed and ready to serve Him. We would like to share what the Lord has been doing through OSM and in our family.
We will begin with why this newsletter has a different look. In July, our daughter Holly and her husband Micah asked us to pray with them about a big decision they had to make and not much time to make it. Those of you who know them, know how much they enjoy vacationing on beaches with their children. Micah was offered a great job in Puerto Rico. After talking with both sets of parents, and feeling this was the direction God was leading them, they quickly got busy. We helped them with 2 garage sales where they sold their household items. They sold their cars and as of this writing, they have a contract on their home. Micah finished his job in San Antonio on Friday afternoon, flew to PR on Saturday and began his new job on Monday morning. Holly, Debbi and the children joined Micah in Humocoa (oom u cow) a few days later. This all happened quickly, smoothly and incredibly in about 3 weeks time. Once Holly arrived, she and Micah spent evenings looking for furniture for their home. Debbi helped watch the children which was a blessing for her. A week later, when Debbi came home, their home was beautifully set up and organized. It is now ready for Holly to begin schooling the children, almost on time. We praise the Lord for His leading and direction, as well as His hand over their move. It was hard to see them all go, but we felt that this was a wonderful opportunity for their family. Many people are afraid to make changes quickly and often miss out on blessings God is offering them. It has been exciting for us to watch this plan unfold. God often moves very slowly, but He can also make things happen quickly. We praise the Lord for His leading and direction as well as His hand over their move. Please keep Micah and Holly and their family in your prayers as they adjust to their lives in Humocoa.
For you, as our OSM family, this change will be evident in our next couple of newsletters. Holly is a major part of each of our newsletters. Monthly, she creates the backgrounds, graphics and anything else necessary. It will be a little more challenging for us now. Until we can get the details ironed out, we will have a different look.
Our daughter Sara and her husband Joel, are expecting twin girls in November. Sara is small framed, so with limited space, these two little girls are getting bigger and busier in her tummy. She is feeling physically challenged and is now on partial bed rest. Besides the pregnancy, she has 2 little ones to keep up with, Suzanna (4) and Westin (3). She is in her 30th week of pregnancy now, hoping to carry until at least 35 weeks. All of us are very excited and thank the Lord for His special gifts for Sara, Joel and all of our family. Please keep Sara and the babies in your prayers and we will keep you updated when they are born.
Our dear friends Matt and Alyssa Brewer came by for a visit this month. It was really nice to spend time together with them. Kenny took them up to visit Micah at his EMS station. Matt, who is also an EMT and a nurse, really enjoyed seeing Micah’s workplace. They also took a trip into San Antonio to see the Alamo and other missions. Matt will begin medical school soon and our prayers are with him. Thank you both for spending time with us.
Pastor Santos and Fini continue to minister to many needs through the John 3:16 Church. The summer temperatures can be well above 100 degrees and most of the families who live in the colonia have no air conditioning. This makes the cooler fall temperatures even more welcome. Often by the end of September, temperatures begin to lower a little. Please keep Pastor Santos, the John 3:16 Church, the Dorcas House and the Carpenter Shop ministries in your prayers. Many children have been blessed by the consistent love and sharing of the gospel that takes place through these ministries. We are blessed to know that they are faithfully sharing Jesus Christ.
This month has been a roller coaster of emotions. Change is usually difficult for us, but we are approaching this one with excitement, as the Lord brings us into a new chapters in our lives. We know when changes occur, Jesus Christ is there to walk with us and guide our steps as He pours out His love. As children of my loving Father, we know that He walks with us never turning His back, always loving us. We pray each of you will continue your walk with Jesus and realize He is always by your side. We thank the Lord for the many ways He allows our family to serve Him. Thank you for your encouragement, notes, prayers and support, which are humbling and appreciated greatly.
Blessing in Christ,
The Kennedy Family