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July 2014
Dear Friends in Christ,
July has been an exciting month for our family. We had a nice family gathering for July 4th. Kenny came home from Haiti the middle of July. Brigitta spent a month in Alaska. She returned a week after Kenny. We were thankful for their safe return home.
Before Kenny went to Haiti, he visited Pastor Santos, Sister Fini and our friends in Nava. Things seem to be improving, so we look forward to going more often. The Dorcas House is staying busy. Since we mentioned the need for support for Toncho and the Carpenter Shop ministry, the response has been generous and encouraging. For now we will be able to continue paying Toncho and supplying the boys with materials for their projects. Thank you so much for your kindness in supporting this ministry. The Dorcas House and Carpenter Shop ministries enable Toncho and Lety to lead Bible studies and times of prayer with the young people in the colonia. Many young people have been encouraged and led to Christ through these ministries.
Pastor Santos and Fini hosted Bible schools in the John 3:16 church as well as in several other churches in which he ministers. Once again 'Art for the Nations' sent supplies for 500 children and OSM helped with food. Many children are blessed to attend the Bible school in Nava each summer. We hope to include pictures in next month’s newsletter.
Kenny had a few days at home with the family before he returned to Haiti. His trip back included some much needed truck repairs. He then gathered food for both OSM schools and assisted Lussade with the delivery. A trip was made to Jacmel to visit a water filter plant as well. Filters built at this plant are used in homes to purify water which has been collected in cisterns and rivers. This provides drinking water for these families. OSM is looking into the possibility of purchasing some water purifying systems to give away.
John arrived in Haiti shortly after Kenny did. He was accompanied by an enthusiastic team to work in the Merci Village. Kenny, Pastor Etienne and Lussade, helped John host the group. Registering children for school, taking pictures of the children and their families, and organizing their information was a large project. Additionally, beds were built for a family of 13.
One of the afternoons, they took some of the children from the village to a beach to swim. Though the children live so close to the water, they seldom get to go and most of them do not know how to swim. Kenny took a crippled girl, Fedleen, into the water and let her use his snorkel and mask and look into the water, which she had never done before. She was very excited to see some colorful small fish. Anyone who meets this beautiful girl falls in love with her quickly. A doctor came to check her legs and feet to see what could be done to help her. While there, he also checked Lovena, the little girl with knock knees. Kenny had previously taken her to see a doctor in Cayes. This doctor thinks he can help Fedleen and Lovena. What a blessing!
Many times on mission trips all you do is hug and show love to a child, hold hands with a teenager or let them braid your hair, jump rope or sit and talk with them in their home. Because of this, you may think you aren’t accomplishing anything. But that is far from the truth. This side of Heaven we may never know how many lives have been impacted by touching, smiling or just being there to share Christ's love with these precious children and adults. May God be glorified through the things we do!
If you would like to join us on a teaching or work team in September, the cost is $1,400 plus airfare. Please contact us if you are interested in going.
Thank you for your faithful prayers and support for OSM and our family.
Blessings in Christ,
The Kennedy Family