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April 2014
Dear Friends in Christ,

But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you,
He who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.

~Romans 8:11~

After reading over last month's newsletter, we realized there were many details about the team not included due to lack of space. Although we have once again had a busy and blessed month, we wanted to take the time to share all God did and how He brought about a medical team to Haiti in March.
This team and the medical team in January of last year we call the Brewer Medical teams. These 2 teams happened because of Matt Brewer's vision and excitement to go to Haiti and serve medically. He is a paramedic/nurse and plans one day to become a doctor. He began putting this team together within his own family. He brought his Dad, Mike, an EMT and his sister Alyssa who is now skilled help in the pharmacy. Matt's friend, Caleb, decided he would like to come along with him. He is an engineer in Kansas and returned this year for his second trip. He told a friend, at church, he was going to Haiti on a medical team which is how Ray became interested and joined. He is a chef and this was his first mission trip. We invited Tim Bolton, who had been to Mexico with us and was on the medical team with us last year. Tim adds so much with his excitement to share the gospel, which is why we felt it important for him to be part of the team. Through OSM, we added some Haitian doctors and nurses, a pastor and others to help where needed. We always know the Lord has a plan for each team. The size and extent of ministry is in His control. Each person on the team had areas in which they could work and serve. Some are more "out front" than others, but just as in the body of Christ, no part is less significant than the other. He used us all as He saw fit. We know the Lord brought the people to be seen, as well as the ones He wanted to hear the gospel. Each team member played a part in the team. OSM helped by hosting, setting up and taking down, but a team is really more about what God does than what we do.
While the clinic was operating, school was also taking place on the compound in Deyemon. Last year's Brewer team included a member who was able to focus on Bible School the entire week. This year, we didn't have the extra person. However, the Christian teachers at the school used the materials we brought to teach the Bible school lessons and to make the crafts. There were enough supplies for 350 children. The teachers did an excellent job! Bible school will always be an important part of a team. We learned years ago from Sister Flory (Pastor Isidro's wife in Mexico) that she and her family became Christians from a backyard Bible school in her neighborhood when she was a young girl. Many of her family members are now pastors and are sharing the gospel in Mexico because of that Bible school. What we may view as small or unimportant, God can use to do mighty things!
We also shared last month about Rose, an elderly lady who had burn wounds whom we took to the hospital during the clinic. After the clinic was over, as we traveled back to Merci Village, we stopped at Hospital Lumiere, in Cayes, where she was taken. The whole team went into the hospital to visit and pray with her. It was a miracle they were able to save her leg. Dr. Muise, who was with us at the clinic, will continue to care for her. We pray Rose not only is able to walk again, but more importantly that she comes to know Christ as her Savior.
The reason we wanted to share more about how this team came together is that if you feel you would like to come to Haiti and serve, or sponsor some of what is being done there, you need to pray and talk with others. After that, contact us and your ideas could become a reality. You too can join us in Haiti. We will be happy to pray with you about becoming a member of our team to participate in a project. Many of the projects include building beds, roofs, or cisterns, hiking and handing out Bibles, having Bible Schools with children or gospel outreach in a village. We can work in the Merci Village or go more remote, depending on the desire of a team leader.
When the team left Haiti, Kenny came home with our family for 2 weeks and the time went by quickly. He returned to Haiti to help John build and host another team in the Merci Village. He left a few days ahead of John and the team. One day was spent trying to set up for Blue Ridge International for Christ, a well drilling ministry, to dig another well. The earliest they said they could come to the village would be in June. Once the team arrived, they began building bunk beds for the guest house and families in the village. Rafters were also built for the last 8 homes under construction at Merci Village.
While they were still working on the homes, Blue Ridge International called and said they could begin drilling the well. This is very important since the well the village is currently using has had ongoing problems. Pray with us that this new well will be able to better serve the families in the village.
We are in need of an experienced electrician to help us with some projects in Haiti. (see picture) Also, others who have carpentry skills would be welcome to join us if we can locate an electrician. The average trip costs are, $1,400.00 plus airfare, please pray about this and contact us for further details.
Christ has called all of His children to be a light in a dark world. All of us are to be that light within the walls of our homes, sharing Jesus with our family. Some are blessed to go out into our churches and communities and share Him with friends. Fewer of us are blessed to go to other countries, sharing the love of Christ. No matter where we are, our lives are to be about Jesus Christ. May He bless you as you serve Him in the place He has given you!
Because of Christ,
Ken, Debbi & Family