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March 2014
Dear Friends in Christ,

"I am the resurrection and the life;
he who believes in Me will live even if he dies,
and everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die."

~John 11:25-26~

We were so blessed by the Lord and felt His guidance and presence during our recent trip to Haiti. Deb and I arrived in Port-au-Prince, a week ahead of our team. Kenny met us at the airport and drove us straight to Cayes to spend the night at Pastor Etienne's home. Arriving late, we had to sort through 5 suitcases full of meds, children's toys, and our clothes by flashlight. After a long day of travel, we were exhausted. We slept very well even with the constant sound of roosters crowing and dogs barking.
Most of Saturday was spent on unexpected truck repairs. Sunday we attended services at Pastor Etienne's church. That afternoon we drove 2 hours to Deyemon where the medical clinic would be held. The drive out was beautiful. Pastor Wilfred met us at the church and we spent some time looking over the facilities. We did not realize until later that evening Pastor Wilfred had stayed in our home in Haiti in 1996.
Preparing for the team, our time went by quickly. They arrived on Thursday evening. We took the team to Merci Village the first night. The next day, with our vehicles loaded with luggage, meds, food, and people, we drove to Cayes. There we waited while a 55-gallon drum and 11 five-gallon jugs were filled with purified water for drinking and cooking.
After a few more hours of travel, we arrived safely in Deyemon. Praise the Lord. The compound where we stayed, is a beautiful oasis built years ago by a dear friend and brother in Christ, David Bustin. Just as we were going to bed, it began to rain. Kenny took team members, Caleb and Ray, to help him unload all the water brought out on a truck. Since they were already wet, they decided to stay out and catch a few of the frogs and toads we heard during the rain. The next morning some enjoyed fried frog legs along with a nice breakfast prepared by Madame Lussade.
Hearing that we had eaten frog legs for breakfast, a few of the children brought more for us to buy. Tim Bolton, a dear Brother in the Lord who has a great zeal to reach the lost, had been invited to come with us to Haiti. He gathered the children up and shared the gospel. The rest of the day was spent getting ready for the clinic by separating and bagging the meds. A young man named Pierre showed up while we were setting up the clinic. He needed some stitches removed. While driving through a rah-rah, the people pulled him off his motorcycle, beat him up and cut his head in several places. It was a blessing his injuries weren't any worse than they were. Matt Brewer, a paramedic/nurse, found some tweezers and removed the stitches. With Kenny interpreting, Debbi asked Pierre if he would have been ready to meet Jesus Christ had he died. He said he was a Christian. Debbi silently prayed for him, not sure that he truly was a saved man.
We had a nice church service on Sunday and some of us took a hike up into the mountains. It was interesting to see the homes of some of the children who were already beginning to befriend us. A little girl named Founa (foo na) sat next to us in church and quickly won our hearts.
On Monday morning, clinic began. We got off to a slow start because organizing the pharmacy can be challenging. In no time, we had a church full of approximately 100-125 people who needed to be seen. We had 2 Haitian doctors, Matt Brewer a paramedic nurse, and Mike Brewer (Matt's dad), an EMT, all seeing patients. They shared a small building with 2 rooms, all open to help each other. Ray quickly took over the wound care area which was in the same building as well. The second morning things got off to a smoother start with the pharmacy organized better and ready to keep up with the doctors. Judy, who is an American nurse and a dear friend who lives in Haiti, Pascal, a Haitian nurse and Alyssa Brewer all did an excellent job keeping the pharmacy running. One morning a man came to the clinic who was rolling on the ground and behaving very strangely. One of the doctors looked at him and said it was scabies. We regularly see scabies on babies and children but not as often on adults. We gave him Benedryl, a bath, and applied the medicine for scabies all over him. An hour later, he (Jack) was a completely different man. He was very kind and grateful to be rid of the itching which was literally driving him crazy.
During the week, Tim stayed busy in the church sharing the gospel with Pastor Etienne interpreting. In the evenings he had more opportunities to share the gospel with the local people.
School was going on beside the clinic with 350 children attending. The teachers and children were excited and grateful to use the Bible school materials we provided from Art for the Nations.
Wednesday afternoon a man came down from the mountain and said that his mom, Rose, had been burned and could not walk to the clinic to be seen. Matt gathered a few medical supplies and a small group of us hiked up to see how serious her burns were. Matt was concerned Rose's neighbors or family would not bring her down to the clinic. He thought she needed to be seen by a doctor soon and possibly could lose her leg or die if the infection was not treated. After talking with the people standing around the home, we offered to pay them to carry her down using the door as a stretcher. By then, a rather large group accompanied Rose to the church where Dr. Muise, a surgeon, examined her. He was concerned that her foot might need to be removed, but was hopeful it could be saved. Kenny, Matt, and Lussade drove out just after dark to take her to a mission hospital back in Cayes. They returned safely late that night.
On Thursday we noticed that our friend, Pierre, who had the stitches removed on Saturday, returned to be checked again. During his wait in the church, Tim clearly presented the gospel and prayed with the group. Pierre was visibly excited, sharing that he had prayed to receive Jesus as his Savior. Giving him a Bible, we celebrated his new faith with him.
Each afternoon as the clinic was winding down, Caleb and Ray worked on installing cisterns at 2 homes. One went to Pastor Wilfred and his wife, Jacqueline. They will share the water with the home next door to them, where they are housing and caring for ten precious children, who either lost their parents or their parents can no longer care for them. The second cistern went to a widow from the church who lived close by.
The clinic went very well. There are lots of stories of God's goodness, faithfulness, provision, and direction during the weeks before and the week of the clinic. The team saw over a 1,000 patients in 4 days. As weary travelers, we returned home tired, but energized by the dedication of everyone who participated and the precious souls Jesus placed in our paths. To Him be the glory!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family