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August 2013
Dear Friends in Christ,

We are already feeling the temperatures begin to drop and it's getting dark a little earlier now. We praise God from Whom all blessings flow as we see and feel the beginnings of autumn coming. Each season is a gift from our loving Father.
After putting about 200 roofs on homes and buildings in Haiti and Mexico, we are finally getting one for ourselves! We have been working to prepare our home and are so blessed to now see the roof being installed! This was a big project and we needed to hire help for most of the work. Since we moved these homes onto our property, this is the point we have been looking forward to with great anticipation. A new roof means (Lord willing) no more leaks when it rains and we can finally complete the work on the inside of our home. Now, we can pray for rain with the rest of Texas.
Pastor Santos and Sister Fini are staying busy as they minister to the children in the colonia. The children go out to the Ranch of Faith and help with projects every week. Occasionally it is too dangerous for Toncho to drive the children from the colonia to the ranch (approximately 5 miles) but usually they are able to go. Lalo, one of the boys from the Carpenter Shop who goes out weekly, fell and broke his arm at the ranch. We are praying for a quick recovery! The boys help with milking the goats and other projects. Pastor Santos sells the milk to help pay for the ranch expenses.
The schools in Haiti are having a small summer break. The feeding program however continues, because for many of these children this is the only adequate meal they are receiving each day. Summer break is not as exciting for the children in Haiti as it is here. They have no vacations, camps, summer sports, or special activities. They look forward to beginning their school routine each fall. Thank you so much for your kind expression of love through the feeding program for these precious children!
This month we had an OSM board meeting. We were blessed by the report John Leininger gave of the work and ministry which has been accomplished at the Merciville village. The church and the families who live there are doing well. We realize even more what a blessing it is for the families to receive a home in the village. In September, Kenny and John will be returning to build more homes. Debbi and I will be joining them. We are excited and blessed as we look forward to our trip with Kenny! Please pray with us for safety and God's direction.
Each month we are encouraged by your prayers and support. During these difficult times, many people are struggling just to hold on to their jobs. Knowing this, we are especially grateful for your many ways of support! This enables us to continue working in Haiti and Mexico with the schools and pastors. It is Kenny's and our desire that he might be able to continue working for OSM full time. Please pray with us that the Lord will provide his full monthly financial support. He loves the work the Lord has for him, working with Godly men in both countries. Thank you all so much for your faithful love, prayer, notes of encouragement, and even phone calls. We feel as if we represent Jesus Christ and you as we go and do the ministry God has called us to do. May He strengthen our faith in Him as we seek to honor Him. Thank you for being there with us.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family