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July 2013
Dear Friends in Christ,
The John 3:16 Church has been very busy this month. They ministered in the border town of Piedres Negras by assisting families affected by flooding. They provided food, clothing, toiletries and other supplies. Most importantly, they shared the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many families are homeless and/or are living in rough circumstances since this past spring. The Mexican government does what they can to help, but it is the Christian churches that can really make a difference. The members of the John 3:16 Church served 300 hot dogs and had a small festival to minister to the suffering families. The youth reached out with evangelism, crafts and games for the children. Thanks to many of you, OSM was able to help with some of the cost of the food that was served.
The church also hosted Vacation Bible Schools this month. Sister Fini headed up two, one at the John 3:16 Church and another at the Alpha and Omega Church. Both were well attended. This is a wonderful opportunity to reach families who might otherwise not consider attending the church. The parents in the Mexican communities love to have activities for their children, yet they don't have much money. Therefore, Bible Schools are well attended by children and their parents.
Our dear friends, Pastor Isidro and Sister Flory who live in Reynosa, had a very exciting event this month. Their son, Eliezer, married Mara, a young lady from their church. Eliezer and Mara will be attending seminary in Monterrey beginning in August. They will go to school during the week and drive back to Reynosa each week-end to continue ministering to the youth of Pastor Isidro's church. They are mature beyond their years, and we are excited to know that the Lord has allowed Eliezer to begin his own family as he prepares for a life of ministry.
The church that Pastor Isidro has shepherded for the last 10-12 years, The Good Shepherd Church of Reynosa, planted a new church, The Buen Pastor Periferico. He and Flory will now lead this church. Periferico, which means peripheral, is the name of the colonia in which it is located. About 2 years ago the Lord began laying it on Isidro's heart to begin a church in this colonia. They acquired some land, but have been renting a building. They have about 550 people attending regularly. They are now stepping out in faith to begin meeting at the property. This will allow them to save the money being spent for rent, and hopefully, they will begin building a shelter soon. Pastor Isidro asked if OSM would pray regarding their need for a roof. This is necessary to serve as a protection for children and the older people. Please pray with us that the Lord will provide for this need.
Pastor Isidro and Sister Flori also hosted Bible Schools at their church and around poorer colonias in Reynosa. They are very involved with Bible schools each summer because this is how Flory and her family came to know the Lord when she was a young girl. The youth from their church help with activities and crafts for the younger children, and they assist in handing out flyers in the surrounding areas to announce the upcoming Bible school. Just as with Pastor Santos' churches, especially in the poorer colonias, some adults come and stay with their children to watch the Bible school lessons and activities.
Micah came home from Alaska earlier this month. He is working part time for EMS and will begin school at UTSA in the fall. Leaving the Cavner's home, he went to Port Alsworth, where he flew on to Anchorge. While waiting, he heard that Pat, a fishing guide he worked with at the Cavner's, had a boating accident. A rescue helicopter brought him to Port Alsworth, where Micah met him. From there they flew on to Anchorage together. In Anchorage, he was able to watch Pat have surgery on his head. The surgeon put in over 90 stitches! After the surgery, they went out for a meal together. Pat then went back to Port Alsworth and Micah came home.
Recently we were able to watch Micah putting his training to action. We were among the first to come up on a car accident on I-10. One car was on it's side. The other car had 5 passengers and was badly damaged. Micah was able to assist, being the first trained medical person at the scene. Immediately, he got busy helping where he could. After a while, Air Life landed and Micah helped them load an injured boy. He was in critical condition. It appeared the others' injuries were not as serious. It was amazing to watch the scene in action. We praise the Lord for His hand over the situation as lives could have definitely been lost in that terrible accident.
We realize how quickly our lives can be turned upside down, and we all need to be ready to meet our Heavenly Father. Even with Him, our lives can often be difficult, but without His grace, all hope would be lost! He is the One who gives strength, hope, and courage during trying times. It is the calling of all Christians to reach the lost with Jesus Christ. Please pray for the ministry opportunities the Lord brings our way, that we use them as the Lord would have us to do. We pray His fullest measure of blessings over your homes, your jobs, and your families.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family