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June 2013
Dear Friends in Christ,
We enjoyed a mild spring but are definitely feeling the summer heat now. The rains have left and we are dry already. Deer are coming through our property several times a day with a few cute fawns in the group. They are so much fun to watch. Jack rabbits also come to the feeding area for the deer and birds. What an awesome Creator we have!
Kenny was blessed to work in Haiti part of May and June. He assisted John in building 6 more homes as well as a medical clinic in Merciville. His job was to find and gather supplies for the Haitian builders to keep projects going. He also spent some time at the docks in Port-au-Prince repairing a bus that came in on a ship. It took a few days, some phone calls to our very helpful friend, Ken Echols, for mechanical advice, and several trips to the docks. He finally got it running. Now it needs to clear customs, and it will become a tap-tap for a Haitian man to support his family.
When we lived in Haiti, and even now, when Kenny's truck is in a shop for repairs, he occasionally uses the tap-tap system to get places. The tap-taps are often trucks with benches in the back for people to sit on, and like our city buses, they have routes they run which take you from one stop to another. People will tap their feet on the floor of the truck or tap the driver's window to let him know they need to stop, hence the name tap-taps. Being a tap-tap driver can make a nice living for a family.
The guest house is finished, so John and Kenny were able to use it for this trip, praise the Lord. It will provide a comfortable place to sleep for teams who minister in Merciville. They have a new cook, and her name is Saywowoo. Having her help will be very nice since they often pick up food on the way back at the end of a day's work. It will be much better to have someone taking care of the meals. This job also helps her financially to care for her family.
The medical clinic is very dear to our hearts. The Bill Walsh Medical Clinic was built in honor of his life's work. John introduced our family to Dr. Walsh when we lived in Haiti, and our friendship grew even more when we moved to San Antonio. He had a heart for the people of Haiti, going there many times to help with medical clinics in the bush areas. He cared for our family's dental needs until he retired. He battled cancer before the Lord took him Home. He left a huge legacy as a very caring and compassionate doctor, friend, husband and father. In his honor, money was given which was to be used as seed money for a project in Haiti. We felt it appropriate to use the money for a medical clinic. This way his name will live on in the hearts of the people he cared for so much. They are very grateful to have this clinic and are looking forward to using it in their village. We know that Bill is safely Home with his Savior, Jesus Christ, where there is no more pain or suffering. "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13 Thank you to his dear wife, Dana, and the Walsh family for sharing Dr. Walsh with our family and many others, as well as the people of Haiti! Praise God for this wonderful building to share Christ and to care for the medical needs in Merciville. We look forward to sharing more about the Bill Walsh Medical Clinic and its ministry in the village.
Nava has been getting some of the rains that we enjoyed here. Pastor Santos expressed his gratitude to the Lord for the greatly needed water. The Dorcas House and the Carpenter Shop both are staying busy through the summer months. The children look forward to spending time in each of the shops, learning more of God's Word and spending time with Lety and Toncho. Please keep both of these teachers in your prayers along with Pastor Santos and Sister Fini. They all pour their time and their hearts into reaching the lost in the colonia. Sister Fini has a Bible School each July for the children at the John 3:16 Church and their other churches in Nava. OSM will be helping with supplies and offering assistance they need to facilitate this exciting ministry opportunity for the summer.
Just after Kenny returned home from Haiti, he left for a working vacation in Alaska. Micah flew from San Antonio to Anchorage. From there he went by bush plane to Port Alsworth where he will spend a couple of weeks. Kenny flew to Portland, Oregon and then drove a truck and trailer to Anchorage. He helped off load his cargo onto a DC-6 and continued by bush plane out to Port Alsworth. Brigitta had gone earlier and has been there helping our dear friends, Preston and Stacie Cavner who have a hunting lodge and guide hunts throughout Alaska. Kenny will stay awhile to help Preston with other projects. We are very excited for the three of them as this is a wonderful opportunity to see some of Alaska as well as to gain additional working experiences. Just the drive alone up to Anchorage was quite an adventure for Kenny. He really enjoyed the beauty of God's amazing creation!
We are grateful for our health, our friends and family and God's provision for so many needs for our family and OSM. With our economy being in the shape it is today, we pray for your jobs and financial security. This is having an impact on OSM financially as well, so our hearts go out to you and your families. Please pray with us for the Lord to continue to bless and provide for OSM and the ministries that we are obligated to help. May the Lord pour out His provisions physically, spiritually and financially over you, your families and your work places. May Christ be first and foremost glorified in and through our lives as we endeavor to serve Him!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family