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December 2012
O magnify the Lord with me,
And let us exalt His name together.

~Psalm 34:3~
Dear Friends in Christ,
A few days after Thanksgiving, Kenny returned to Haiti. He has been working on a different building project this trip. The orphanage sponsored by Mercy International, had to be moved to a new location by Dec. 15th. The orphanage outgrew the building they were using after the earthquake in 2010. They have been in desperate need of a new location ever since. Kenny had about 3 weeks to build 4- 18’x30’ dorms for the children’s new home. So with little time to accomplish the mission, he left with high hopes and great dependence on the Lord’s mercy to accomplish this goal. Praise the Lord the buildings have been completed and are ready for the 120 children! This is a miracle since everything in Haiti is a challenge when it comes to construction.
After the dorms were completed, Kenny began preparations for the OSM medical team. There is a fuel shortage in Haiti right now, so he has been storing diesel in 55 gallon drums. In addition, he’s purchasing cots, food, water, meds, and supplies to be sent ahead to Anse Rouge. Arrangements for vehicles and translators are being made and other details worked out. Micah left on Dec. 26th to help Kenny with preparations for the team which will arrive on the 30th.
After the team returns to the United States on January 8th, Kenny will begin building homes again. John shared with us recently that he had hoped that the UN would use some of the $2.8 billion they were given for Haiti to build homes. Not 1 home has been built by the UN, which leaves a huge opportunity for Christians to share the love of Jesus Christ. If anyone would like to minister through funding the building of a home for a tent family, the cost is $5,700/home. If you would like to go to Haiti and help build a home, the cost is $1,400/person which includes airfare. Please contact us if you are interested.
Thank you for your kind and generous response to the holiday brochure! Pastor Santos and leaders of the John 3:16 Church were very happy to give away much needed food packs, 15 goats, and a couple of heaters this month. This time of the year, people are often without jobs, and they need help. The food packs and the goats are a very welcome gift. Some of your gifts go to families in the church and others are used to fill the needs of families outside of the church. This provides an opportunity for church leaders to pray with and minister to the unsaved families in the colonia, as well as pray for and encourage the brethren. Please pray with us that things will become more stable in Mexico so that we can return on a regular basis. We miss our friends there.
The gifts of food for the children in Haiti will be used to feed children in the schools OSM sponsors. These families cannot afford to buy even one meal a day. Your gifts make it possible for these children to remain with their families without being a financial burden. Thank you for such wonderful gifts which not only minister to the children, but also to parents who love their children and want to keep their families together.
Each December, we pray you enjoy the overview of the projects and ministry that you have helped facilitate through OSM. It is our desire to share as much detail of what we are doing as possible to be sure you know this is your ministry as well. We could not possibly accomplish the things we do without your love, prayers, and financial support each month. Thank you for allowing us to minister in your name in 2012. We are looking forward to the new challenges the Lord Jesus Christ has planned for us in 2013!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family