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November 2012
Dear Friends in Christ,
Thanksgiving is our family’s favorite holiday. Once again we gathered together and celebrated God’s faithfulness and goodness. We have so much to be thankful for! This month we praise the Lord for Kenny’s safe return from Haiti and for another successful National Bible Bee hosted by the Shelby Kennedy Foundation.
Kenny spent about 6 weeks in Haiti during October and November. His first project was to pour a concrete pad to hold a 1,000 gallon cistern. This cistern is to feed smaller ones placed at each home. He purchased rebar and prepared to build a 6 foot thick slab. This way it will not only hold the water, but if necessary, withstand occasional tremors form earthquakes. Just finding supplies to begin a project can be a big job in itself. While talking with Kenny every evening on the phone, it brought back memories of life in Haiti for our family. There are no ‘Home Depots’ to purchase everything you need. You have to drive all over Port-au-Prince and hope you can find most of the necessary supplies. It can take days just to locate them.
Eventually, Kenny and some of the Haitian men were able to get the concrete pad poured, the large cistern installed, and about 14 smaller cisterns installed at each home. This is a huge blessing for the families to have water at their home. Most have never experienced this luxury, but must walk long distances with buckets for their water supply. Once everything was hooked up, the well did not have enough water to fill the 1,000 gallon cistern. They needed to test the plumbing, so they hauled water up the mountain in 55 gallon drums. They added this to the main cistern to test the flow of water and make sure it was reaching the cisterns at each home. Praise the Lord, it worked great! Now all they need to do is to get the well working properly.
After finishing the cistern project, Kenny and some Haitian bosses began working on 7 more homes in Mercyville. They completed them except for the plumbing to the bathrooms.
John Leininger arrived in Haiti about 2 weeks after Kenny. They were able to then hold the dedication service for the completed homes. This is an exciting and emotional time for the workers and the families who receive the homes. Once again they were blessed to reflect on God’s hand over the project and His faithfulness to see everything come together. Just after the dedication, it began to rain. It poured for several days as Hurricane Sandy passed over Haiti.
Praise the Lord for another accomplishment. The property now has electricity. The Haitian electric company, EDIASH, managed to bring electric lines in and they hooked up the well. The homes are still without electricity, but hopefully they will have it soon.
Pastor Santos called to advise us again not to go down to Nava. They are even experiencing problems traveling from the church to the ranch which is about 4 or 5 miles away. The danger has become more intense. He asked us if it would be possible to use our home as a meeting place for church leaders as well as to hold events. We are very happy for our home to be used in this way. It is sad that things have gotten to this point, and their safety is at risk.
The 2012 Bible Bee was a huge inspiration and affirmation of what the Lord is doing in the hearts of Christian young people across our nation. At a time when many of us can be discouraged about the youth of our day, going to the national Bible Bee gives us hope that there are still many serious minded young people who truly care about God’s Word and the truths it teaches. For hours we sat and listened to the Word of God being quoted. One of the catalysts for memorizing scripture is the financial gain the winners receive. However, by the time they reach the national rounds, they realize that the Word they’ve hidden in their hearts far outweighs the monetary prize. It is wonderful to see them cheering for each other and praying for those reciting their passages. They are visibly disappointed when someone is disqualified. You can imagine the excitement of the winners! However, we believe everyone who participated is a true winner because of the presence of God’s Word in their hearts and minds.
The grand prize winner this year was Sofie Haire. She has been to several of the finals over the years, but this was her first overall win. She had written a testimony at the beginning of this year describing her disappointment of not winning in the past. In fact, she confessed it had become a root of bitterness until the Lord began a work in her and revealed the real reason for memorizing His Word. This year she was rewarded for her diligence in studying Scripture. Though Shelby would never have wanted her name exalted in any way, she would have been very happy to know her life was the inspiration behind the Bible Bee. It was truly a beautiful event, full of praise, worship, and glory to the Name of the Lord.
The following are a few prayer requests. Though we have a great start for our medical team to Haiti, we earnestly desire an American doctor and more nurses to join us. Please pray with us about this need. The dates are Dec. 30th-Jan. 8th. A passport is required. Also, we have had both of the OSM computers crash this month. Please pray for the Lord to bring us the right person to help with this very necessary and important tool.
We are grateful for your response to the gift brochure. Also, thank you for remembering our family and Kenny in your prayers and support. Our prayer is that we can serve as a funnel from you to those God brings into our paths by sharing your love, encouragement, and gifts. More importantly, because of you, the love of Jesus Christ is being shared with our friends in Haiti and Mexico. One day in Heaven we will be allowed to see the impact our lives have had on the lives of others. Then we will truly understand how important our words and actions have been during this short life on earth. May you be encouraged in your walk with Christ to share His love and faithfulness with others.
Praise the Lord, Praise God in His sanctuary, Praise Him in His mighty expanse. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord, Praise the Lord! ~Psalm 150:1&6
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family