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September 2012
Dear Friends in Christ,
This month we are excited to share some fresh news from Nava, Mexico with you! It is always a blessing and privilege to see Pastor Santos, Sister Fini and the brothers and sisters in the John 3:16 Church. They are thrilled with the new van and are putting it to good use. While in Nava, Kenny and Pastor Santos were able to complete the process of tagging it for Mexico. This will allow them to use the van to cross over into the second border of Mexico, south of Nava. The other van was not registered to do so. The vans are primarily used locally to take families to and from church services throughout the week, but often there is a need to go further south to minister or attend retreats.
Kenny and Pastor Santos delivered some goats to a few families in need. The parents were very grateful and the children, of course, were elated to receive a goat of their own. Each family is also provided with feed to care for it the first few weeks. Some children keep the goats as pets, but more often they become a much-needed meal for their family. Giving away goats, pigs, and other livestock to children is always a rewarding part of the ministry!
Members of the John 3:16 Church helped Pastor Santos and Kenny sort and bag food dispensias at our home. It is a blessing for us to be able to provide food to families in need. Delivering these food packages also provides a great opportunity to minister and share Christ with those who are hungry and needy both physically and spiritually. When receiving a gift, the families are usually very open to share their personal prayer requests. Sometimes there are urgent medical needs. We praise the Lord, that through you, OSM has been able to help financially cover some of these costs. Thank you very much for your gifts so that these physical and spiritual needs can be met!
Pastor Santos, Toncho, and Kenny were able to take the young men involved in the Carpenter Shop classes out to the ranch one day. They helped feed and medicate calves, and worked on other odd jobs. Kenny really enjoyed his time with each of these men and boys.
He also visited the Dorcas House and saw Sister Lety and the girls diligently working on some projects. Lety remains busy and encouraged with the ministry. She is full of energy and works hard with the many young women and girls attending daily.
On October 3rd Kenny will be returning to Haiti to continue building homes. He will be there for about 6 weeks through the middle of November. Please keep him in your prayers as he travels. Also, pray for the successful completion of the homes as well as the families who will receive them.
We have tentatively set the dates for the January medical team to Haiti to be December 30th through January 8th. If you are medically trained, we would appreciate your prayers about joining this team. The cost is $900, plus airfare.
Thank you for your love, prayers and support to enable us to minister in the ways we have shared. We are blessed to represent you in Haiti and Mexico.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family