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August 2012
But whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst;
but the water that I shall give him shall become in him
a well of water springing up to eternal life.

~John 4:14~
Dear Friends in Christ,
Kenny returned from Haiti right after we sent out our last newsletter. On this trip he joined Lussade, his wife and a large team from their church on a mission trip. They traveled to the far northern part of the island close to the western coast, an area Kenny had not visited before. They drove north from Port-au-Prince through Saint Marc and Gonaives, then to the eastern outskirts of Anse Rouge (onz rooj). This area is very hot, dry, and desert like, unlike the south which is tropical and lush. Kenny described the terrain as what he would expect a plain in Africa to look like with mountains in the distance.
There were about 50-60 people who went on this mission trip. All but 3 were from Lussade’s church. They rented a big bus to transport most of the team and their baggage. Kenny filled his pickup truck with more luggage and supplies and followed the bus. The team took clothes, shoes, and some food to give away. On the way, the bus started having mechanical problems. It completely broke down by the time they arrived in Anse Rouge. Although they worked on it the entire week, they were unable to repair it.
In Anse Rouge, the team’s mission was to evangelize through door-to-door witnessing and to have church services all throughout the week. The services were similar to what we know as revival services. The group awoke early each morning between 4:00 and 5:00. They spent hours in prayer and then had a morning service. The afternoons were spent evangelizing. Groups went from hut to hut meeting people, sharing the love of Jesus Christ, praying with them, and presenting The Good News of Salvation. Everyone was invited to come to the evening services.
Kenny saw the Lord work in amazing ways. By the end of the week, the hearts of 237 people had been deeply touched and convicted. These people prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Praise and glory to our loving Heavenly Father! Please pray for these precious lives, that they would continue to grow and seek a true relationship with Jesus Christ.
A major problem all over Haiti is having good water. This is especially a HUGE problem in Anse Rouge and the surrounding districts. It is extremely hot and very dry in this area and there is NO drinking water. There are wells, but in this area the water is brackish and only good for washing. Also, the wells are damaged by salt corrosion which makes it difficult to keep them operating. The situation was quite disturbing for Kenny who was touched by the tremendous need for water. The people travel by foot or by donkey several miles to the mountains. They leave in the morning taking buckets, jugs, and barrels. Upon arrival they fill up with clean drinking water from mountain springs or rivers. Then they start the long, hot, journey back home hauling their precious cargo on their heads, in their arms, and by donkeys if they’re fortunate enough to have one. This vital strenuous task takes a whole day to accomplish. When the team arrived to Anse Rouge, they were welcomed with several large barrels of clean water. Knowing what they went through to bring the water there made us grateful for the sacrifices it took to accomplish this great service of love.
When Kenny returned home, he expressed a great desire to return to Anse Rouge in the future. The needs are tremendous! He and Micah were able to make another trip there this month. Micah was out of school for a couple of weeks so they took the opportunity to make a weeklong trip to Haiti. It had been a long time since Micah had been there, so he was very excited about this trip. They visited the area in which Kenny has been building homes. They checked on some problems with the roofs of some of the homes. Everything has been repaired and seems to be fine now. They also built more bunk beds and tied up a few loose ends with the well. A sign is being built at the entrance of the village.
Kenny really wanted to take Micah and Pastor Etienne out to Anse Rouge to experience what he had observed while there. The 3 of them along with Lussade, and his wife, made the 7-hour drive back to the church the evangelism team had been just a few weeks ago. Micah brought some flip-flops with him to give away to the children. He was blessed by the smiles and excitement in the children’s faces when they got their new shoes.
Kenny, Micah, and Pastor Etienne talked with the pastor and his elders. It was a very informative and interesting visit. The pastor told them they had never had an American team come out to their area. With the medical and water needs being so great, we are excited to begin putting together a medical/cistern building team. It would be wonderful to get about 10 medical team members to go. We would like doctors, a dentist, nurses, paramedics, and other trained medical professionals. The team will be in early January of 2013, exact dates will be in our next newsletter. The cost will be airfare plus $900. If anyone would like to help with the expenses for supplies or a team member, this would be a blessing for the group. Please pray with us about this upcoming team. We are seeking the Lord’s guidance and provision.
Because of the excitement the boys brought home with them for the work in Haiti, this newsletter quickly filled with news about their trips. However, many wonderful things are taking place in Nava and Reynosa as well. We plan to have a report on Pastor Santos and Sister Fini and Pastor Isidro and Sister Flory in next month’s newsletter. Please keep them and their ministries in your prayers. We love both of these couples so much!
July brought our family some very sad news. On July 30th we lost our grandchild, Zoey Grace. Little Zoey was born on March 24th to our son James and his girlfriend Andrea. Zoey’s life was tragically taken at just 4 months old. Our hearts are broken. Please pray for James and Andrea as they try to go on without their precious little one. Pray that God will touch their lives through this. Our prayer is that James and Andrea will be reunited with their precious treasure in Heaven someday.
Each month we realize what an amazing Father we serve. He is so much greater and mightier than we can even fathom. We give our lives to Him to be used as He sees fit. Thank you for your support, prayers, and love which makes it possible for us to continue ministering in Haiti and Mexico.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family