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June 2012
I love You, O Lord, my strength.
The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer,
my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge.

~Psalm 18:1-2~
Dear Friends in Christ,
What a wonderful month this has been! The weather has warmed up considerably, yet on many days we continue to have a breeze. We know July and August will be hot, but we are grateful that June has remained a little cooler.
Only a Servant Ministries joined hands with Mercy International this month to continue working on homes for families living in bad conditions in Haiti. The weather was rainy when Kenny arrived there. A truck for his personal use was provided, which was a real blessing. Transportation can be difficult in Haiti, but when you are brave enough to get behind the wheel of a car or truck you can get places more quickly. Haiti does have a very elaborate tap-tap system or you can hire a taxi for transportation just about anywhere. Both of these depend on schedules that may not coincide with yours.
The plan for this month is to complete 10 homes before Kenny leaves at the beginning of July. A few days after his arrival, a team from San Antonio arrived to assist with some of the homes. He was able to help host them while he continued to work on new homes. There were a lot of details to put together before the team came to the work site. Materials had to be purchased and cooks, block layers, and other workers needed to be hired. The team helped with finish up details on several homes. We will have more details and pictures in next month’s newsletter.
It was a blessing and privilege to visit with Pastor Santos and Paco this month. We were able to catch up on how things are transpiring in Nava. The weather has turned pretty hot there, but they feel that the violence may be getting a little better. Praise the Lord! They shared that members of the John 3:16 Church, led by Pastor Santos and Fini, have been busy passing out food dispensias, goats, and baby gift packages. This has given them many opportunities to share the gospel of Christ and pray with people. They have done some street evangelism and handed out tracts. The young people are involved and have been praying and presenting the gospel as well. They have all enjoyed the opportunities you have given them to witness to those who receive your gifts.
Our good friend, whom we have nicknamed Bob, has been helping the boys from the Carpenter Shop acquire additional welding skills. Bob is a very easy going Christian man and watching him teach the boys is an encouragement. The boys from the Carpenter Shop have been going out to the Ranch of Faith more often. Pastor Santos has goats, cows, and chickens on the ranch which he uses to teach the children about responsibility. They come out for workdays as well as a good time together. The children are also involved in Bible lessons given by Pastor Santos, Bob, and Toncho.
The girls at the Dorcas House remain busy with their Bible studies and sewing classes. Lety is very grateful for the boxes of sewing supplies which were sent last month. To those of you who sent boxes and money for supplies, she says “Muchas Gracias!!”
We are very grateful for the kind responses we received as a result of our request for Bible School supplies and Bibles. We once again ask that you pray about helping OSM with the cost of these supplies for Nava and Reynosa. Both of these Bible Schools will be during the second week of July. We are grateful for the responses we received, but wanted to present this opportunity one more time. ‘Art for the Nations’ supplies are $35 per box and Bibles are $60 a case. Also, OSM always helps with food for the children who attend the Bible Schools. This is a very direct way for you to be involved in reaching out to the local communities and helping the children who attend Pastors Santos’ and Isidro’s churches.
Each month we seek to find a new way to say thank you to those of you who read our newsletters, pray for OSM and our family, and support us financially. Debbi loves to hear from you. She tries to respond through personal notes when she can, since her gifts include praying, encouraging, and thanking. Please know from the bottom of our hearts we appreciate the many opportunities you give us to encourage our friends and pastors in Mexico and Haiti, to help the children, and to reach out to the lost in those areas. God is good, He is faithful, and He is truly all we need in life!!
Blessings in Christ,
The Kennedy Family