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May 2012
Dear Friends in Christ,
Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works
and glorify your Father who is in Heaven.

~Matthew 5:16~
Kenny and Paul spent the first few days in Haiti preparing for a team that would arrive to build additional homes. They had to repair the truck, which had broken down, purchase a new stove to prepare meals for the team since the old one was stolen, and set up camp for the coming group. They hired a few Haitian men to help prepare the worksite so the team could “hit the ground running” when they arrived. Working together, they laid 4 floors for homes, finishing the last floor the day the first team from San Antonio arrived. A team from Houston joined the group the next day.
The two teams worked hard putting together all 4 kit homes. On Sunday, a dedication service was held for the homes. This is always a sweet and blessed time for both the recipients of the homes and for those who labored in building them. After both teams left Haiti to return home, Kenny and Paul did a few finishing touches. They also hired a few men and began working on another cement home.
While there, Kenny and Paul checked on Pastor Peti Noel’s school. They learned that a student had fallen and impaled herself on a piece of rebar. Pastor Peti Noel took her to a hospital close by. OSM took care of her medical expenses which were almost nothing compared to what it would have been here in the states. We praise the Lord because the little girl is doing well now.
Sister Flory gave us a report on how things are going in Reynosa. It is always encouraging to talk with her. She and Pastor Isidro stay busy sharing the gospel of Christ with the lost in their area. She expressed their need of prayer for safety as they minister to people on the streets. Bible School season is coming up. Flory needed supplies for 750 children! We ordered these from Art for the Nations and they are on their way! Their new church will be having 11 Bible Schools beginning the 2nd week of July. Also, their son Eliezer is currently working with about 50 youth. Praise the Lord!
In Nava, Sister Fini will be holding Bible School the same week in July. She requested supplies for 200 children. Things are going very well in the Dorcas House and the Carpenter Shop. Thank you to those who sent supplies and donations for the Dorcas House. We are grateful for your gifts.
Because of so many VBS supplies needed this year, we hope to offset the cost of the supplies to ‘Art For the Nations’. We understand that each packet for 50 children costs about $35. If any of you would like to help with this expense we would be grateful. Another expense is Bibles. We would love to donate cases of Bibles again for the new children. A case of 24 paperback Bibles is $60. Thank you for your prayers and for any part you can have in supporting the Bible Schools for these churches in Mexico.
This month it will have been 7 years since our precious and loving daughter Shelby Kay went Home to the Lord. Knowing how much the Haitian people meant to her, it is very emotional, yet rewarding to be working and ministering there. When she used to go there, she loved to talk with the mothers of the families. She had a gift for communication. This is a real ministry tool. Because of the oppression of voodoo, satan has many of the people, even Christians, deceived into believing that lives are worthless. Shelby would smile and talk with the ladies, complimenting their children. She talked with them as if that was the most important thing she did all day, and in her mind, it was. She had that gift here in our home with our family also. We greatly miss her every day. Seven years have gone by quickly and we are 7 years closer to joining her to meet and worship our loving Father as well. “It will be worth it all, when we see Jesus”, Glory to His Name! We pray that each of you has a close relationship with Him and you too look forward to meeting Jesus Christ one day.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family