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April 2012
Dear Friends in Christ,
It is always a blessing to enjoy springtime in Texas! The days are pleasant with cool mornings and evenings and the flowers everywhere are beautiful. We only have to look around us to see the many signs that this earth has a Creator who loves and cares for us.
This month Kenny was blessed to travel to Nava. While there, he visited the Carpenter shop and spent some time with Toncho as well as the young boys who were working on various projects. Kenny also dropped in on Lety and the girls who were hard at work sewing and crafting in the Dorcas House next door. They were very short on supplies, so Kenny took Lety shopping to purchase some of the necessities. She sent him home with a big list of materials she needs to restock the Dorcas House. We hope to purchase the items here in the States and take them to her next month. If you have sewing/craft items that you are not using or if you would like to buy some, your donations would be very much appreciated and put to good use. The following items have been requested by her: machine thread (cones and spools), embroidery threads, machine and embroidery needles (variety of sizes), crochet needles, embroidery hoops, pretty calico cotton fabrics (please do not send cuts under a yard), elastics, ribbons, seam rippers, cotton stuffing, felt, yarn, sequins, beads, straight pins, tape measures, fabric paints, pens (for notes), and Bibles.
Pastor Santos and Fini hosted Kenny in their home on the Ranch of Faith. Toncho brought the boys to the ranch to help Pastor Santos feed the calves and for a little fun. Pastor Santos, Toncho and Kenny enjoy playing and talking with the boys during their visits. It provides opportunities to spend quality time teaching and sharing Christ with them.
We provided funds for the John 3:16 Church so members of the congregation will have the ability to make food dispensias and distribute them. They are excited about this project since it provides an opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ as they go door to door giving away much needed food. Also, Pastor Santos was able to give away around 15 goats to some of the children in the church and to others who live in the colonias they reach out to.
As this letter is going out, Kenny, Paul Braymer and John Leininger are back in Haiti hosting teams to help build 4 more kit homes. Kenny and Paul went down a few days early to prepare for the team members who will be coming and going at different times throughout the projects. We will report more about this trip when they return with pictures in our May newsletter. Please keep them in your prayers.
We are encouraged to report that OSM might be able to help Pastor Isidro and Sister Flory with their ministry in Reynosa by having a new church floor poured. They continue to hold church services in a rented building each week. People living in the near by communities have responded well. Praise the Lord!
Our family is still working steadily to get our home set up and repaired so we can move back in, hopefully some time this summer. We would much rather be helping a family in Mexico or Haiti with their home though. A lot of electrical and plumbing repairs have been done and a new septic system was installed this month. Currently a wonderful Christian family is forming and pouring concrete for the front porch and a floor for an addition. The addition will be the first dedicated office for OSM. We have built many small homes in Mexico and Haiti, but we could use some experienced help with our roof. It seems strange to ask for help with our personal home, but we would be very grateful for an experienced roofer to oversee this job. Our family will assist as much as possible. Please contact us if you might be able to bless us with your help.
This month has brought our newest grandchild. Jackman Hollister Wakefield was born on April 20, weighing 9 lbs. 3 oz. and 21.5 inches long. We thank the Lord for his safe arrival and that Holly, Micah and the girls are all doing well with their precious gift from our loving Father. Pray with us for the blessings of Christ over their family.
Without each of you, your love and prayers, as well as encouragement through notes and financial gifts, we would be unable to minister in Mexico and Haiti. We are so grateful for all the ways you reach out to us and those we serve.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family