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March 2012
Dear Friends in Christ,
For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God.
Hebrews 3:4
Praise the Lord, Kenny, John Leininger, and Paul have returned safely from their 3 week trip to Haiti! Three more grateful families in Haiti now have a new roof over their heads. The following is a short review of their trip:
Soon after arriving in Haiti, John, Kenny, Paul and Lussade went out to the work site to lay out the foundations for the 3 block homes they were to build. They decided to build them out of block this time instead of using the kits to determine which method is best. The houses were laid out, supplies purchased, including block and cement, and men were hired for the job. This included four “Bosses”, which is the term they use for someone who is skilled and experienced at their work, as well as 10 other helpers. Three ladies were hired to cook for the crew. This will provide jobs for 14 men and 3 ladies for three weeks. This is a major blessing since unemployment is around 80 percent in Haiti.
Construction soon began at the site. Every bit of water used to mix the cement had to be brought in by 5 gallon containers on a motorcycle. Kenny and Paul helped where they could with the foundation and the block work. When the homes were far enough along, they built the interior walls, the roofs and installed windows and doors. Work went well at the job site. They did have a small delay when a lady arrived claiming she owned the property. She had no papers to prove this and since John has papers proving his possession, there is really nothing she can do. After working through their attorneys, a court date was set and the lady did not return to the job site.
On the weekends, Kenny and Paul visited the schools OSM supports since the construction site was idle. At Pastor Peti-Noel’s school they were able to observe the progress he is making in building a second story. The walls were up and they provided him with the money to build a tin roof. It was completed in a week and Kenny had a chance to see it before leaving Haiti. They also visited and prayed with Pastor Marc who was recovering from a hernia operation. Pastor Marc assured them that the school and the children were doing well. Please keep both pastors, their families, and the school children in your prayers.
The last weekend in Haiti, Kenny and Paul had the opportunity to go to Pestel, a town north of Cayes (kiez) with Pastor Etienne, a friend who was helping them. Pastor Etienne lives in Cayes and needed to make a trip to Pestel. Our family used to minister there occasionally with medical teams when we lived in Haiti. It used to take about 4-6 hours to get to Pestel from Cayes because the roads were so bad. However, a new road is being built so the trip took them much less time. This new road is a huge improvement for this part of Haiti. Getting to a hospital in Cayes will be much more accessible for the people who live in some of the outlying towns and villages.
John, Kenny, and Paul were pleased with the block homes and felt they were superior to the kit homes. They will be returning to build 3 more kit homes April 15-May 1. The kits are already in and the materials need to be used. After this, they plan to build block homes. Please keep them in your prayers.
Pastor Santos says he and Sister Fini are doing well. The violence continues in Nava and they have to be more careful in their travels. He keeps recommending that we not come down. We miss our friends and look forward to things getting better so we can go back. The John 3:16 Church, the Dorcas House, and the Carpenter Shop are all doing well with lots of children attending daily.
Many of you comment on how much you enjoy our newsletters. We would like to give credit where it is due. Thank you very much Holly and Sara for your faithfulness and dedication to making this newsletter happen. Also, a big thank you to Sharon Burnette (Ken’s sister) who is a major blessing by helping us with the editing each month. The change in the appearance of our newsletters is a result of the handiwork of our friends David and Lynda Ringer who print it for us now. Thank you all so much!
Our prayer is that this newsletter remains an encouragement in Christ to you and your family each month. We are humbled and grateful for your faithful prayers and support for OSM. May the Lord continue building our hearts and minds to be the men and women He wants of us and to be used for His purposes wherever He has us.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family