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February 2012
Dear Friends in Christ,
We are happy to share that the Lord has provided a “new” van for the Juan 3:16 Church. Praise the Lord! The Taylor family had visited Nava with us in August of 2009. This past November they decided to purchase a new van for their family of 10. They remembered we had expressed the need for a van for the Juan 3:16 church. They decided to donate their used van, which is still in very good condition. Originally they had hoped to make another visit to Nava to deliver the van, but we still do not feel it is safe to take teams or families to Mexico. Pastor Santos came to San Antonio to receive the van and to spend a couple of days with the Taylor family. We had a wonderful time with all of them and are very grateful for their generous gift which will be a tremendous blessing for the members of the Juan 3:16 Church. Thank you Taylor family for your expression of love to our dear friends in Nava!
Pastor Santos has reported that things are about the same in Nava. He and Sister Fini stay busy ministering to many families who need help during this difficult time. The Dorcas House and the Carpenter Shop are both doing well. Please keep Pastor Santos, Fini, Toncho, and Lety in your prayers as they continue to serve in Nava.
We received a wonderful visit from Pastor Isidro and Sister Flory. As usual we were so blessed and honored by their fellowship. We took them to the River Walk one evening for dinner. Sister Flory shared with us that during her walk downtown, she realized it was the first time in years that she felt safe and secure out of the house, especially after dark. It gave her a feeling of freedom and made us realize how blessed we are.
Pastor Isidro’s denominational authorities have offered the largest church in the region, which is in Monterrey, to him. Isidro’s church in Reynosa is the 2nd largest church in that region with 800 people. Isidro told the bishop that he is willing to go wherever he thinks he should go, but made a request. He showed the bishop an area on the outskirts of Reynosa. It is a big industrial area full of factories so thousands of people live there. The area is physically poor, but more importantly, they are in great need of spiritual feeding and a shepherd. After extensive prayer, Isidro told him, “This is where I want to go”. God laid Isaiah 6 on his heart. He feels God is asking him, “Who will go?” Isidro has responded that he is willing to go. He is willing to leave his big, successful, comfortable church to minister to the people in one of the poorer areas of Reynosa. This is where he feels a greater work can be accomplished. Isidro has no church building to welcome him as a pastor. Through an act of faith, property has been secured as a site for the future church. He and his family are excited and ready to go.
With all the turmoil in Mexico right now, many of the families in the church are missing loved ones. Many people are coming to the church in their despair looking for help and hope. Pastor Isidro said, “Now is the time to work. This is the time for the Christian churches in Mexico to reach out and share Jesus Christ with the lost”.
Kenny is in Haiti now with Paul Braymer and John Leininger again. On this trip they are building 3 block homes for families living in tents. They will then decide which is better to build, a kit home or a block home. We will have a report of their trip in next month’s newsletter. Pastor Marc was sick when Kenny arrived in Haiti. We have learned that he had a hernia and is now doing better. Please keep him in your prayers. Also pray for Lussade, Pastor Peti Noel, their families, and the school children. We are blessed with opportunities to serve in Haiti. The needs are always great.
We live in a relatively “safe” country. Please be in prayer for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ in Mexico and Haiti who are facing difficulties daily. We thank the Lord for the love you express in many ways to our precious friends in both countries. May our loving Father one day allow each of you to meet the many men, women and children you have touched with His love.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family