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November 2011
Dear Friends in Christ,
O come, let us sing for joy to the Lord,
let us shout joyfully to the rock of our salvation.
Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving.

Psalm 95:1&2
The Lord blessed us with an opportunity for Kenny to work just outside of Port-au-Prince Haiti this month. Kenny, Pastor Santos, and Paul Braymer arrived in Haiti a week early to prepare for the team which will follow. They worked hard to get a small shower plumbed and a latrine built so the team will be able to lodge at the site where they are going to be building homes. Some tables and a few bunk beds were also built. Everything is pretty rustic, but at least teams will be able to stay on location. During this week Kenny was able to visit Pastor Marc and Pastor Petti Noel’s schools. The children looked great and school is going well too. We reported last month that both schools need more money for their feeding programs. Just like here, the cost of food has gone up and they run out before the month is finished. Also, Pastor Petti Noel would like to add an additional floor to his school as the children are very short on space. He has asked for our help with the materials for this addition.
The HCRM Orphanage near Lussade’s home is always in need of repair. When the team arrived they worked at the orphanage a couple of days before they began assembling the homes. This left the team with less time to build. There was a lot of work to be done in a short amount of time. One group worked on foundations while others built walls. Another group constructed the roofs. Then they put it all together and finished with windows and doors. By the time they left, 5 families each had a brand new home on their property. For these families having a floor, walls, and a roof over their heads is a major blessing. Tents and tarps have been their only protection for the past 2 years since the devastating earthquakes in Jan. of 2010 left them homeless. All 5 families were extremely happy and thanked the Lord for His provisions.
Pastor Santos has a great passion to evangelize wherever he goes. Though he doesn’t speak Creole, he shared the gospel with a group of young people by drawing pictures. Later one of the young men came back to another team member and through a translator, asked more about the gospel. He then prayed to receive Jesus Christ, praise the Lord.
After returning home, Kenny took Pastor Santos and Sister Fini, who had been staying with Sara for a few days, back to their home in Nava. While there, Kenny checked on the Dorcas House and the Carpenter Shop. Both are doing well, and are overflowing with children who enjoy being taught God’s Word, as well as learning a skill for their futures. Toncho and Lety are busy teaching and ministering to the many needs of these children 5 days a week.
This month, on Nov. 6th, our precious Shelby would have turned 30 years old. Daily we think of Heaven and how wonderful it will be to worship Jesus face to face and to see Shelby once again. We are constantly reminded that we are strangers in a foreign land. We only have our lifetime to share God’s love and redemption through our Savior, then we too will be called Home.
In 2007, the Shelby Kennedy Foundation was created in her memory to sponsor a national Bible Bee. This year we drove to Nashville, TN to watch the finals. It is a very emotional time knowing how excited, yet humbled Shelby would be to see how God is using her testimony. Each division in the competition had 100 contestants, totaling 300 finalists who quoted Scripture after Scripture competing for the prizes. These children have enormous amounts of the Scriptures stored in their hearts and minds! The senior division memorizes over 1,000 passages. Most will tell us that they spend 6-8 hours each day on memorization and recitation.
We heard testimony after testimony of what God has done for these families through this Bible Bee. Praise the Lord! A top finalist’s Mom shared with us that her son stutters in everyday conversation, but when he quotes Scripture, he speaks clearly. Another young man was diagnosed with cancer and decided to enter the Bible Bee to help his brother study. In spite of chemotherapy and many other difficulties in his life, he memorized God’s Word and made it to the finals this year. A common testimony shared by several families is how memorizing God’s Word brings families closer as they study together. One mother said it takes her children 3 hours to recite all the Scriptures they know. God’s Word never returns void.
We returned home the week of Thanksgiving. It was a busy, yet wonderful week as we celebrated with our family. We have so much to thank the Lord for this year. May the Lord bless your homes and families. May you and your loved ones enjoy celebrating daily the life of His loving Son.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family