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October 2011
Dear Friends in Christ,
We praise God for a wonderful October. We were blessed with a few good rain showers and the weather has cooled down a lot.
Often when the Lord closes one door, He opens another. Pastor Santos called to advise us not to travel to Nava, Mexico this month. This is the first time he has told us that he didn’t feel it was safe for us to come. Then we received a call from an OSM board member requesting our help with a construction project in Haiti. We felt this was clearly the Lord’s direction for us and that Haiti is where we needed to minister in October and November.
A container with kits for 20 small homes has cleared customs and are ready to be assembled in an area one hour west of Port-au-Prince. Kenny was asked to head up the team in Haiti to build the homes.
Pastor Santos, Paul Braymer, and Kenny flew down early to make preparations for the team. For now they are staying at Lussade’s home. The guest rooms look great and are being used for the first time. When the rest of the team comes in they will all be staying closer to the building site. This site is next to one of the many tent cities in Haiti. A piece of property has been purchased to accommodate these homes. This will be an incredible blessing for many families to have roofs over their heads as opposed to a tent. If all goes well, over 100 more homes will be shipped to Haiti at a later date.
While there, Kenny visited both of the schools. Pastor Marc’s school has about 120 children attending and Pastor Peti Noelle’s school has around 150. Both pastors are very grateful for the meal a day provided for these children. However, with the increase in food prices, we are not able to purchase enough. Both pastors say they are short of food by the end of the month. We would really like to help with this need, but the monthly support for Haiti has not been funded for some time. Please prayerfully consider helping to supply these precious children with one meal a day. Kenny will return in November with pictures and a full report.
We were blessed to be able to visit with Pastor Santos when he arrived here before going on to Haiti with Kenny. He reported that both the Dorcas House and the Carpenter Shop are full of children. Things are more dangerous in the colonia and parents are looking for better ways for their children to spend their time, therefore the attendance has increased.
In spite of the turmoil, the Nava churches are doing very well. The increased danger has caused many people to turn to the church for strength and help. This gives Pastor Santos and Sister Fini many more opportunities to reach the lost with Jesus Christ. As we well know, only He can comfort and give peace when things around you are falling apart.
As we come close to the end of another year full of bountiful blessings and abundance we have so very much to be thankful for. Enclosed is our 2011 holiday gift brochure. We hope your family will enjoy looking it over. This is a great way for you and your children to get involved during the holidays. These gift ideas are just basic necessities that we may take for granted every day, but they would be a huge blessing to families in Nava and Haiti. We hope we have made it easy for you to share in the joy of giving to others in need.
We pray God’s fullest measure of blessings over your homes and families through the Thanksgiving season.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family