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July 2011
Dear Friends in Christ,
We are seeing a lot of progress with our move. After seven weeks of hard work to remove cedar trees, the new property is finally cedar cleared. The work has paid off and with the now visible oak trees, it looks so much better. We had the guest house moved to the property last week. We are repairing the drywall and painting so that we can move in as soon as possible. Our current home will be relocated soon to the property and repaired to serve as our residence. We need to do this by the end of August. Please pray with us that we meet this deadline with time to spare.
While we have been busy with property clearing, packing, moving, and repairing our houses, things are still happening in Nava and Haiti. The Bible school in Nava went very well, praise the Lord. There were about 100 children there each day to hear the Word of God. At the same time, Pastor Isidro and Sister Flory were having Bible schools on the streets of Reynosa. For both of these events, O.S.M. helped with materials and food for the children who attended. Pastor Isidro and Pastor Santos are very grateful for the help through you so that they can reach out to the children in their church areas. We will always remember Sister Flory sharing her testimony of how American missionaries led her and ultimately most of her family to Jesus Christ when she was a young girl attending Bible School in Monterrey. The impact of the word of God on a child’s heart can be tremendous.
Thank you so much for your prayers for Fini’s mother, Evangelina Rodriguez. She went Home to be with the Lord on Saturday, July 23rd. Fini and her family miss her greatly. Please keep them in your prayers.
It seems school is hardly out before parents begin trying to get their children ready to go back to school in the fall. In Haiti, parents scramble to come up with the money for tuition so their children can attend school for the year. Also, in Haiti and Mexico they struggle to purchase supplies necessary for their children to enroll in school. Each year we have helped Lussade pay the tuition for his 4 children. If you would like to help with this expense, he needs $300 for tuition and supplies to cover the costs for this year.
Our friend Eliezer, Pastor Isidro’s son, will be returning home to Reynosa the beginning of August. He has been a big help with all the projects we’re currently involved in as we prepare to move. Eliezer has become like a son to us and we will miss him. He will be finishing up his school and working to save enough money so that he can begin his own family in the future.
Please pray with us that our move will be completed this month. We are looking forward to living at our property and in the future getting resettled back into our home. Please continue to pray for Pastor Santos and Fini, Pastor Isidro and Flory, Lussade and his family, and Pastor Marc and Pastor Peti Noel. These men and women face daily challenges involving very difficult decisions and situations that we can only imagine. We may have difficulties paying our electric bills while they struggle to have food for their families and the children they minister to. We may feel insecure about our political situation here in the U.S., while they and their families face satan through voodoo and drug cartels every day. We all must look to our merciful Father for protection and to direct us where He wants us. Thank you for your prayers, love and support!!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family