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January 2011
Dear Friends in Christ,
Our work in Nava was very exciting this month. Though we are hearing many reports of serious danger going on all around us, we still feel it is the Lord’s will for us to minister there and we are trusting our care in His hands. However, we are not going there with a careless attitude. We travel prayerfully taking the necessary precautions. We communicate with Pastor Santos before each trip to see if there are any particular problems. So far, praise the Lord, we have been blessed to continue to go. We would ask that you would please pray with us for our safety in Nava, as well as our travels.
While worshiping at the John 3:16 Church one Sunday evening, we were blessed to hear testimonies of God’s love, goodness, and provision from the members there. One young man who has no job, 4 children, and a precious wife stood up and shared when he has nothing, he has God. Later Pastor Santos shared with us that this man, Rigoberto (Berto) fights a drug problem. When he is in deep need, he turns to God. However, when all is well, he isn’t as faithful in his walk. Please pray that Berto develops a strong personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and that he becomes more faithful in his walk.
We felt drawn to help Berto and his family with a food dispensia, gifts for the children, extra diapers and supplies for the baby, and a couple of comforters for their beds. When we visited their home, we saw that their needs were truly great. The house was in terrible condition and Reyna, the mom, was in need of encouragement. Please keep Berto, Reyna, and their family in your prayers.
We were blessed to have Micah and Holly’s Lifegroup, from their church, become involved by hosting a hot chocolate stand as a fund- raiser. Our granddaughters and the other children from the group loved being a part of the project, as well as delivering coats, blankets and food for families in Mexico. We love to see children involved in outreach!
While giving away more goats, we met a 13 year old boy named Adam who has a special testimony. Years ago Adam’s Mom left her husband and went to live with another man. After a while her husband decided to forcefully bring her back home. Not long after she returned home, she found that she was with child. She gave birth to a baby boy, Adam . Later her husband wanted to know if Adam was really his child and according to a blood test he was not. During his childhood, Adam didn’t know about this, but later he found out the true story and became very angry and bitter. He began having lots of problems and causing trouble for everyone. One night at church, Sister Fini was able to share with him that she also was not raised by her biological-father. However, she loved and appreciated her step-dad very much. This connection with someone who had a similar story touched Adam and he has given his heart to Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord.
We were blessed to visit the home of a family we have known and loved for years. About 10 years ago we met Guadalupe, a single Mom who had 5 sons and attended the John 3:16 Church. We built a home for her and have kept up with her family ever since. She ended up running off leaving her children with their father and his family. Later, the Lord allowed us to build a home for her in-laws who had a big hand in raising the boys. The son we knew best was Pedro, who is married and has moved away. His younger brother, Marco, is showing interest in a sincere walk with Christ. He was on the list to receive a goat, so we delivered one to him. While doing so, we learned that his Grandfather has diabetes and has lost part of his foot. Upon the families’ request, we went in and prayed for him. What a blessing and privilege to pray for this family. Later we returned with a food dispensia for them.
For several months we have had a faithful member of the church on our hearts. Sister Lydia and her husband Francisco (Poncho) are in need of a home. They have a nice roof, but the walls below were of adobe and were old and falling apart. A few weeks back Sister Fini had a Bible study in their home and had prayed that the Lord would in some way help this poor family with better living conditions. This month some of the boys from the Carpenter Shop came to Lydia’s home to work. They demolished the old walls and Bob and Kenny poured a footer. We hope to return in February and build new walls up to her existing roof.
Whether in the U.S., Mexico or Haiti, as things appear to be getting worse and worse, we know we are to look to our loving Father. We cry out to Him for mercy, grace and protection. He is our only Hope. When we have Him, we have all we need! Thank you so much for your love and prayers!!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family
~Prayer Needs~
The building of Lydia and Poncho’s home needs to be funded. In order to completely finish this home, including a small kitchen and full indoor bathroom, it will cost about $3,500. Please pray that the Lord will lay this need on someone’s heart so that we can finish in a timely manner.
The John 3:16 Church needs a 15 passenger van. The van they are currently using has serious mechanical problems and the bus is having transmission problems as well. Both vehicles are used a lot to transport people to and from church services. Please pray about how you might be able to help with either of these needs.
Continue to pray for Haiti, for the school children, Lussade, Pastor Peti Noel, Pastor Marc and their families. The major earthquake was a year ago and Haiti is still in tremendous turmoil. Because of the political unrest, we have not been able to visit for some time now. Hopefully, some of our family will travel there after the elections. The schools and feeding programs have continued and are doing well. Though we know some of the children and their families are living in tents, the schools are still full and serving meals each day.