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December 2010
Dear Friends in Christ,
"If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself,
and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.
[Luke 9:23]
We thank the Lord for the generous response to the holiday brochure. We were blessed to distribute goats to 20 elated children! The families came with their children to pick out a kid from the small herd we transported from home to home. Many of the recipients this year were boys who have been involved with the Carpenter Shop.
It was encouraging to see the milking barn come closer to completion. Kenny, Bob (Ediberto), and Antonio worked to build half walls and pour a concrete floor. Having a concrete floor will make it a lot easier to keep the barn clean. The new conditions will be better for milking than those used in the past. Hopefully, Pastor Santos will be moving some of the milking cows to the ranch soon. He is looking forward to having some of the boys from the colonia assist with the milking. Also, a large water tank by the windmill was set up this month. With the increase in activity at the ranch, this will be a huge asset. We were all excited to hear the first trickles of water going into the 2,500 gallon cistern.
On Sunday the 19th, Lety and her students had an exhibit of their work from the Dorcas House. It was fun to see the girls display their crafts and to witness their excitement. They, along with a few women, have been working hard to make some pretty crafts and items to show their families. The Dorcas House continues to provide a place and materials for these ladies to use while Lety ministers God's Word to each one who comes.
Pastor Santos and Sister Fini asked us to help them with a Christmas dinner one evening for the 4 churches he pastors. We made at least 4 gallons of coffee to add to the food the ladies from the church prepared. We expected 125-150 people or so, but were surprised when over 350 people attended. The church was taking this opportunity to reach out to many in the community! It was amazing how the Lord stretched the food and drink that was made. When it was all finished there was food to give away to families. With this large group hearing the message of salvation presented through music and an evangelistic sermon, we considered the evening a huge success. Praise the Lord! We were also blessed to learn that each of these churches have very active cell groups that are reaching and ministering to the spiritual needs of these families. How exciting to see the Body of Christ at work!
What a beautiful month to be in Nava again. We are grateful for the Lord's provision through each of you. Every day it's a privilege to see how God uses the gifts given through O.S.M. to minister to many families and individuals. We pray that the newsletter shows you how so many needs in Mexico and Haiti are being met. May Jesus Christ be glorified in and through you as you reach out to others!!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family