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October 2010
Dear Friends in Christ,
We praise the Lord for a wonderful month in Nava. The cooler weather was very welcome after a hot summer. This month we were involved in building and plumbing projects as well as special times of fellowship with Pastor Santos, Fini, and many of our friends in the colonia.
Last month while working at the Ranch of Faith, we realized that Pastor Santos and Fini were in need of a small storage building. We decided to build it this month. The building is small but it does have an extended roof and concrete floor to provide a place for welding classes. The boys who work with Toncho in the Carpenter shop, enjoy coming out to the ranch on Saturdays and some have expressed an interest in learning to weld. We are grateful for our friend Julio who is a very capable Christian teacher.
We hired Stephan to construct the building. He is a fine Christian man who has helped us in the past. He poured concrete and laid block in just a couple of days. Ken, Kenny, and Micah built the rafters and constructed the tin roof. Ken wired the building so that Julio and the boys could hook up a welder.
We had our first welding class on a Saturday. Twelve boys, Toncho, and Julio arrived at our home that morning for a breakfast of pancakes and sausage. After eating, they went out to the ranch and had their class. We were very excited to see these boys being ministered to by Pastor Santos, Julio, Toncho, Kenny, and Stephan. After their class they grilled hamburgers and played soccer. Praise the Lord the day was a great success.
The following Saturday we did a larger version of the previous Saturday. This time Pastor Santos and Fini also invited the girls from the Dorcas House out for the day. We served pancakes, eggs, and sausage for 35 children (ages 8-17). After breakfast the children went to the ranch for their lessons. Lety had a class with the girls, and Julio had another welding class with about 18 boys. Thanks to your provision we served 60 hamburgers for lunch. By this time the number of workers, children, and teachers had grown. After lunch the boys did more welding and Toncho presented a spiritual lesson. Some of the boys went with Pastor Santos into the woods to round up cows. Fini had a devotion time on her front porch with the girls. By the end of the day it appeared that everyone had a great time. What a blessing to be a part of this day.
It is always an encouragement to spend time with the families in the colonia. We spent an evening visiting Julio, Adrianna, and their 4 precious girls. We also had some time with Paulina and Braulio in their newly arranged home.
We are grateful for the Lord's protection over our family while in Nava. We have heard of many terrible things happening in Mexico, yet we feel that the Nava area is safe so far. While returning home from Mexico this week we stopped at an Olive Garden in San Antonio for lunch. As we were eating, the windows of the excursion and truck were smashed and both vehicles were cleaned out. We had quite a load of supplies and equipment packed in our vehicles which we had been using in Mexico. Our two Nikon cameras (one of sentimental value was Shelby's D70), extra lenses and a tripod were taken These cameras were loaded with pictures we had taken for this month's newsletter. Additionally, a laptop, hundreds of dollars worth of supplies we had just purchased for Mexico, Ken's briefcase, and personal luggage are among the missing items. We were very disappointed to have lost so much equipment which is so vital to our ministry, but know that God is in control and has a reason for this to have happened. (The pictures here are ones we had downloaded to facebook while in Mexico.)
Thank you for your prayers and support for our family and the ministry. We would ask that you continue to pray for the safety of our family and our friends in Mexico as the drug cartel violence spreads and worsens. We praise the Lord for the blessing you are to us and so many others that are reached through you.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family