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September 2010
Dear Friends in Christ,
It was wonderful to have Micah, Holly, and the girls with us in Nava. Heidi and Hallie sold lemonade this month to raise money to purchase backpacks and school supplies. They brought 10 filled backpacks and passed them out to children in the colonia. While they were busy with the backpacks, we assembled 20 food packs and distributed them to families in need. Many of the men are struggling with work right now. One of the reasons they have trouble holding jobs is that many employers will only hire part-time help due to insurance regulations that are hard for the employers to pay. So, after a few weeks on a job, the men are looking for work again. The families were very happy to receive the bags of food and the school supplies for their children. This is a great blessing for them. Thank you Micah and Holly for your time and help in Nava!!
Pastor Santos and Sister Fini are keeping the Caretaker's House busy since they moved in. This past month they hosted a couple in their home who were having marital problems. The wife, Hilda, was saved several years ago in the New Life Church, but her husband Felix was not a believer. Santos and Fini invited the couple to spend some time with them in their home. Felix told Pastor Santos that they were on their way to a divorce. This little visit was their last effort to try to work out their marriage. After time and counseling, Felix gave his heart to Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord! Felix has a soft place in his heart for his children and he coaches a Little League type baseball team. With Christ in his life he may be even more effective with the children he works with.
The Dorcas House is busy as always, yet Toncho struggles to get the boys to really commit to spending time in the Carpenter Shop. After talking to Pastor Santos and Toncho we have learned that the boys will come more faithfully to the Carpenter Shop if they are able to visit the Ranch of Faith occasionally. We are now helping to provide lunch on Saturdays for the boys at the ranch. There they will spend time with Pastor Santos as well as assisting him with jobs and playing games. Pastor Santos or Toncho always has a time of devotion and prayer with the boys. We have lots of plans for the ranch. We hope to build a soccer field and raise more animals there. Hopefully, this will encourage more boys to become more involved with Toncho in the Carpenter Shop. More importantly, we pray that they will develop a personal relationship with Christ.
We are grateful to the Lord for His continued protection from the drug related violence in the border areas of Mexico. We have never had a spirit of fear, but we are concerned and do not want to be arrogant or careless while working there. Each of us has become more alert to what is going on around us, especially while driving. Though our vehicles are older, they are the kind of vehicles that are being hijacked and stolen. Please pray for God's protection and wisdom for Pastor Santos, Fini, the John 3:16 Church and our family.
The end of October we will be sending out the brochure of needs for the people in Nava as we did last year. We were blessed by a great response then and we pray that many needs will be met equally this year. We thank the Lord for the opportunity to work in Mexico and Haiti. Thank you for the prayers and support which enable us to go!!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family