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August 2010
Dear Friends in Christ,
Be anxious for nothing,
but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving
let your requests be made known to God.

~Philippians 4:6~
Kenny had a wonderful time working with Pastor Isidro and Sister Flori this month in Reynosa. We have a deep respect for Pastor Isidro because of his burning desire to witness Jesus Christ to the lost and to disciple his congregation to do the same.
Going over the bridge into Reynosa, Kenny was confronted with flooding. Reynosa is still flooded due to Hurricane Alex which passed through about 7 weeks ago. Many families have lost all their belongings and are now living in tents near their homes. American Christians who would usually be ministering to these flood victims are not going into Mexico because of the drug cartel violence. The families who now have no homes are receiving little help from the USA. During his stay, Kenny and Pastor Isidro took food to a ministry kitchen set up outside to help these struggling families. What a blessing it is to see churches in Reynosa come together to reach out to these families in need.
Iglesia El Buen Pastor (The Good Shepherd Church), held Bible Schools this year in Reynosa, their home town. As you recall, it is too dangerous to travel further south into Mexico right now. Bible School and evangelism outreach were in the afternoons. This enabled the body of Christ to minister to the many needs both spiritual and physical of the local families. Kenny had many opportunities to go door to door witnessing with Pastor Isidro. There were 2 Bible Schools taking place, one in Villa Florida and the other in Colonia Juarez. Combined about 180 children attended. The church held services in the evenings. We praise the Lord that 15 people prayed to receive Christ during this time. Each one was given a new Bible thanks to many of you!! Because Pastor Isidro has a well trained congregation, these new converts will be followed up with visits and discipleship.
After Kenny's visit, Pastor Isidro and Flory came to our home in Spring Branch for some much needed relaxation. They shared with us some of the difficulties they are facing in Mexico. The lives of our brothers and sisters in Reynosa and surrounding villages are in danger. Wars break out between the two drug cartel gangs without notice putting anyone in the vicinity at great risk of being shot or injured. Pastor Isidro is over about 12 smaller churches in the outlying areas of Reynosa as well as his own congregation. These pastors are in danger because the drug cartels are taking over their towns. The gangs have blocked the only roads going in and out of their colonias. Pastor Silvano Reyes from Comales was told by the local drug gang to produce $5,000. pesos by a certain time or they would take the life of his 8 year old son. The church raised the money and paid them. Pastor Isidro offered to relocate him to ensure the safety of his family. Although Pastor Silvano was concerned about the lives of his family, he refused to leave his congregation saying they needed him and his hope in Christ now more than ever before. Please pray for Pastor Isidro and these pastors as they endure difficult circumstances.
Pastor Santos and Sister Fini are doing well on the Ranch of Faith, praise the Lord. They hosted some pastors from the cities of the five springs in their home. They were all grateful to have a nice place for their meeting. Nava continues to be fairly safe from the feuding between the drug cartels. Pastor Santos believes the reason for the safety lies in the fact that only one gang operates in the area and there's no reason for confrontation. They're in the vicinity, but the pot has not been stirred, so to speak. Please continue to pray for Pastor Santos and Fini as he pastors 4 churches.
Thank you for your continued prayers, notes and support for our family and O.S.M. May the Lord encourage and bless you drawing your hearts close to Him.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family