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July 2010
Dear Friends in Christ,
July in Nava is always guaranteed to be very hot. We enjoy the warmer temperatures, but more than that we love the people of Nava who are always warm and friendly. The needs there are great, yet our friends are happy and "...content in any and every situation..." serving the Lord.
The summer has been busy with vacation Bible school in Mexico. We assisted Fini and an energetic group of leaders and youth from the Juan 3:16 Church in hosting two Bible Schools. The first was held at the Juan 3:16 Church. At least 100 excited children attended. Most of the little faces were familiar to us, but there were new children attending as well. The second VBS was held at a church in Zaragoza. The week was filled with Bible stories, sharing, singing, games, and lots of fun. We loved seeing so many members of the church participating, teaching, and walking in the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the week.
Thanks to all who were involved in providing Bibles to be distributed. Craft supplies for the Bible Schools were donated by 'Art for the Nations' again this year. We are very grateful to them and to you for the gifts, prayers, and involvement which make the ministry to these children successful.
We enjoyed pulling out the paint supplies to paint the outside of the Caretaker's House which is currently Santos and Fini's home. Many things we do with buildings are hardly noticeable, but painting the outside of their home showed a major difference. The finished house looks amazing! It was exciting to see the end result after many months of hard work and prayer. What a blessing to have lights, a small air conditioner, a washer, dryer, and a refrigerator brought into their new home. Once again we are so grateful for God's provision to finally have electricity on the Ranch of Faith!
In celebration of the home completed with electricity, about 85 people from the Juan 3:16 Church came out for an evening meal on the ranch. It was exciting to have tables filled with church members and lots of children sharing in this joy. We had the dinner at the back of the property where we hope to construct additional buildings one day. Having electricity made it possible to string lights all around the dinner area. It was a beautiful sight to have an outside, lighted dinner with so many dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Pastor Santos had a devotion with our guests. Then everyone prayed over the home dedicating it and the Ranch of Faith to Jesus Christ. What a blessing and honor to be a part of this celebration!!
As soon as we arrived back in San Antonio, Kenny repacked and headed south to help with the VBS in Pastor Isidro and Sister Flory's church in Reynosa. They canceled going to Dr. Mora and San Luis this year because of safety issues involved intraveling that far south in Mexico. Arriving in Reynosa, Kenny saw that the Rio Grande is still flooding from the hurricane which came through there a couple of weeks ago. Many homes and businesses were left in ruins. Pastor Isidro's church is helping a local ministry which is providing food for the families who have been displaced due to the flooding. Please keep the families of Reynosa in your prayers as well as Kenny's safety during his time ministering there. We look forward to sharing with you about his trip in our August newsletter.
We are very grateful for your prayers and support for Haiti. The feeding programs continue to be packed with sweet, hungry children grateful to receive a meal. Lussade and his family, Pastor Marc, and Pastor Peti-Noel are all doing well in spite of the conditions they live and minister in each day. Please continue to keep them all in your prayers.
Many thanks to our contributors and those who pray for us. We were blessed to have your support to work in Nava this month. Having the funding and ability to work means a lot to us. We praise the Lord for His provision through you to continue ministering to many needs in Mexico and Haiti. We pray that Jesus Christ is honored and glorified and lives are changed by the work done through O.S.M. Thank you!!
We are looking forward to what God has in store for us next month and pray that His will is done through us as we continue serving Him.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family