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June 2010
Dear Friends in Christ,
The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.
~Isaiah 40:8~
The Lord is good, faithful, and true! June has been busy and warm. very normal for Nava. Our friends Braulio and Paulina decided to completely demolish their house this month and rebuild it. We have always wanted to help them build a more suitable home, but were surprised they were starting it so quickly. Last year when we installed a new stove for Paulina we realized how badly their wooden home was deteriorating. Braulio has arranged to have a cement floor poured since their old wooden foundation had rotted. He has kept their bedroom intact to live in while they rebuild their home. He's asked for our help with electricity and a few other projects that we hope to do next month.
The Dorcas house continues to be an amazing tool for reaching out to the young girls in Nava. God was gracious to us this month in providing sewing machines for this ministry. Sara found 10 used Bernette 715 sewing machines on Craigslist. When she contacted the man selling them and told him about the Dorcas House ministry, he said he would sell all 10 for $75 instead of $225 which he had them listed for! Praise the Lord! We have wanted machines of the same model in the Dorcas House for ease of parts and upkeep. After tinkering with and ordering some parts that were missing, Ken now has seven of the machines working well. Two more machines need a few parts that are on order, then we will use the last machine for spare parts. This will be a great addition to the machines already in use in the Dorcas House. We still hope to add more space on to the Dorcas House as Leti and the girls are very cramped in the small building.
After months of discussing dates and times for everyone, Pastor Santos, his son Paco, Kenny, and our friend David Wean took 2 days to go fishing together just outside of Corpus Christi, TX. They had a blast!! When asked how he enjoyed the fishing, Paco said "this was the best day of my life, catching a lot of fish, eating good food, and being with friends", They had a wonderful and relaxed time together. We are often concerned that Pastor Santos needs some "down time" because of his full schedule. We were glad this finally worked out. Thank you David for helping make this happen!!
~Praise & Prayer ~
Lussade has asked that we continue to pray for his family, Pastors Marc, Peti Noel, and the school children. The needs remain great in Haiti. With the rainy season going on now it makes things very difficult for the thousands of families who live in tents. Some of the children attending the 2 schools now live in tents. We and they are grateful for the meal a day that the Lord provides through you. This truly enables many of the school children to remain with their families. Thank you so much for those who have continued to support Haiti through your prayers and gifts!
Samuel has sent us many updates on Saby. We praise the Lord for her greatly improved health!!
Please pray for the financial situation of O.S.M. We understand that the funds for many ministries are very low. Though trusting the Lord to meet our needs, we too are greatly experiencing the effects of our economic situations. Thank you for your prayers in our behalf.
We are grateful for the gifts given for Bibles in Mexico. We now have been able to purchase 4 cases of paperback Bibles and 1 case of hardback Bibles. A Spanish Bible reading schedule is placed inside each Bible before it is distributed. We also have a box of Bible School supplies for 400 children, in Spanish, donated by 'Art For the Nations'. We are so grateful for this ministry and their gift. Though the dates are the same, because of difficulty of travel in Mexico, Pastor Isidro and Flores decided the Bible School this year will be in Reynosa, rather than Dr. Mora. Please pray for this evangelical outreach that will be held the end of July.
Thank you for your continued prayer and support for our family and ministry. We know that God is faithful and trust that He will continue to care for us. We pray you all have a blessed July!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family