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May 2010
Dear Friends in Christ,
It has been exciting to watch the power poles and electric lines go up on the Ranch of Faith. Everything is in place. We are now waiting for the inspection and the power to be connected. Please pray that we will find favor with the inspectors and get their stamp of approval. Because of political situations, this can be hard for us as Americans in Mexico. Pastor Santos and Fini have moved into the Caretaker's House. They are accustomed to living without electricity but we are hoping it will be turned on soon so that they can enjoy running water, lights, ceiling fans, and a washer and dryer. The home is very small and basic, but adequate for now. They are excited that they are finally living at the Ranch of Faith!!
Kenny will be going south to San Luis and Dr. Mora with Pastor Isidro, Flory, and their church again this July. They will be doing a lot of evangelism, conducting Bible schools and distributing food packages. If you would like to help provide Bibles for this trip, the cost is $60.00 for a case of 24 paperback Bibles. Dr. Mora, where they spend most of their time, is a farming community. Two years ago the first protestant church was started there by Pastor Isidro. God has blessed their evangelistic efforts in this city. Please pray with us for their safety as they travel so far south and that the Lord will continue to pour out His blessings over this ministry.
Micah is staying in close contact with Lussade in Haiti. They are in the rainy season and it is very difficult for the thousands of families who are living in tents. Everything stays wet and it is close to impossible to clean and dry laundry, cook over outside charcoal fire, and do other normal family functions.
Lussade now has a roof on his new addition. All he has left to finish is the plumbing and windows. Lussade and his wife have wanted to build this addition to help house Christian teams or families when they go to Haiti. We are excited about the opportunities this will provide. We know this will help O.S.M. greatly as well as many other ministries working in his area. They are excellent hosts and we pray that this project will be completed soon.
We are so grateful for those who have contributed for the earthquake victims. This has been a tremendous blessing for this special need. Haiti's monthly support for the feeding ministry is still below the actual monthly cost. We continue to feed the school children and pay Lussade. We have been using the reserve from gifts given in honor of Shelby. Soon it will be gone and then we will be without money to cover the meals at the schools. Please pray with us about this need and that the Lord would provide abundantly for Haiti.
Our 1994, F-350 truck has been sitting on a trailer in need of repair for over 3 years. For a couple of weeks Kenny and Micah have been working to remove then replace the engine. They worked and earned the money to cover the costs of the engine replacement so the truck could be used for the work in Mexico again. We praise the Lord that the truck is up and running and this project is now complete!!
In our labors for the Lord, He has led us to many Christians who are willing to help us in our endeavors. This happened again as we repaired the truck. Two Brothers in Christ at North Park Lincoln Mercury in San Antonio were a tremendous help. Ken Echols is in education at the dealership. He helped Kenny and Micah (sometimes at 1:00 a.m.) with their many questions and offered much technical advice. This was especially helpful putting the truck back together. Mike Stuart, parts manager, helped us remember all the little items necessary to complete the job properly. The cost considerations and rebates Mike arranged for OSM were also a tremendous blessing. Both gentlemen understand the area we work in and the value of the truck in ministry. We are very grateful to them!!
This month it has been 5 years since our precious daughter Shelby Kay went Home. We have cried and hurt deeply because of missing her so much, yet we know she is with our Heavenly Father, singing praises before Him and exploring Heaven. We look forward to meeting Him and seeing her again. If not for this promise, we would not be able to move forward. We pray that each of you and your families know Christ personally, so that you also will spend eternity with Him and your loved ones.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family