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April 2010
Dear Friends in Christ,
The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.
~ Isaiah 40:8 ~
April began with our family hosting an enthusiastic team from Wayside Chapel in San Antonio. The team was led by Rick Lowe and David and Beth Butler. They wanted their children to experience sharing Christ with others, and to see how the Mexican people live in our area. It was exciting for us to work with their group.
The team brought cars and an assembled track to hold Pinewood Derby style racing on Saturday. Pastor Santos gathered about 100 children in the colonia to paint and decorate the small wooden cars. The children already knew the group was coming so they were really excited about getting a car and competing with one another. Along with the car races, the team had a cake walk, face painting, balloon art, and bean bag toss games all going simultaneously. Many children gathered to play. They had a great day interacting with the team, Pastor Santos, and some of the church leaders. The day ended with hot dogs, chips, and chocolate pudding, while Pastor Santos presented the gospel. What a blessing to be a part of this well planned day of fun, food, and the witness of Jesus Christ for the families of the colonia!!
The team also prepared food dispensias to give away. They divided into several groups and took turns passing out the food packs to about 40 families. Some of the recipients are members of the John 3:16 Church, while others are not. This gives Pastor Santos an opportunity to minister to new people who have not been exposed to the gospel and meet many needs within his congregation. The team gets to meet families in their homes and assess their needs. They often have the privilege of praying with them. This can be an emotional time as we go door to door sharing very basic food items and realizing what a huge blessing it is for those who receive them. Thank you Rick, David, and Beth for allowing us to meet and work with your folks from Wayside Chapel. We were blessed and encouraged!!
Soon after the team left, we had some dear friends return to Nava to work with us once again. Rob and Carol Rugloski brought 7 of their children to help us at the Ranch of Faith and to pass out food dispensias. Pastor Santos knew of many families in his congregation who were very blessed to receive the food. While distributing in one small colonia, we saw some very needy families who we felt the Lord wanted us to minister to. It was wonderful to meet these families and to pray with and for them. We came away feeling they had received both physical and spiritual food, praise the Lord.
Rob and his sons spent some time at the Ranch of Faith surveying. This is a big help as we need to have boundaries and reference marks for getting the ranch set up. We are grateful to the Rugloski family and the Dripping Springs Family Bible Church who supported the team while they ministered in such a fruitful way!!
We are very excited to report that after years of praying and fund raising, electricity is being installed on the Ranch of Faith as we write this newsletter!! We praise the Lord for his wonderful provision!! This will provide power to the Caretaker's House as well as the back of the property. We are very encouraged by this and pray that the Ranch of Faith vision will continue to grow. Thank you for your prayers and gifts which have enabled this to happen.
It is a wonderful feeling to have the Caretaker's House almost finished. We are now ready to move on to other ministry opportunities. Pastor Santos and Fini have begun moving in. They will be without electricity and water for a week or two until the power is turned on at the ranch. They have been very excited to be closer to the colonia and their work, while living on the ranch. We praise the Lord for the near completion of this home!!
~ Outreach Opportunities ~
There are a few needs in the John 3:16 Church that we would like to help meet. Please pray about how the Lord might use you, your family, or members of your church to help with these needs. If you are interested in helping with any of these projects please contact us so we can coordinate dates:
1. Leti's family lives in a small shack and we would love to help them by building a home. It would be a little larger than the homes we used to build and we would finish it with stucco instead of wood. We believe that a team of 12-15 people could accomplish this project in a week. The cost of this home would be about $8,000 plus additional team expenses, depending on the size of your group.
2. A couple in the John 3:16 Church needs a roof for their home. Every time it rains it leaks. We would like to help by building a new roof for them. This project could be done in a couple of days and the cost would be about $3,000.
3. A precious young couple from the John 3:16 Church just got married. They are the first couple in the church to marry totally under the authority and blessings of their parents and the church. They have moved into a home that we built years ago. We would like to help them by repainting and remodeling their home, and possibly add a small kitchen and bathroom. This project would take about a week and would cost about $4,500.
Please be sure to contact us if you would like to organize a trip to Mexico to help with any of these projects. We have also enjoyed hosting families and small groups to distribute food packages and minister in different ways.
The Lord is so good and faithful to provide for so many needs and requests that we bring before Him. Thank you so much for your prayers and gifts of support for our family and the ministry. We pray that the work of our hands is pleasing unto the Lord as we continually seek His direction in what we do.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family
~ Prayer and Praise ~
Last month we asked you to pray for Samuel's wife, Saby. She was having many complications from lupus. We praise the Lord that she is greatly improved. Thank you for your prayers for her. Please continue to pray for a complete healing for her body.
Please pray for Pastor Peti Noel, one of our Haitian teachers. He broke his arm when he fell from a ladder.
We are praying for a portable welder to use at the Ranch of Faith.
We praise the Lord for a great response to the request for supplies for the Dorcas House. Thank you so much for your prayers and gifts for Leti and the girls!!
We thank our loving Father that so far our area has remained relatively safe during these very difficult times in Mexico. Please pray with us for the protection of the Lord over our home, family, and those who travel with us while in Mexico. Also, pray that the American lust for the drugs that fuels the violence in Mexico would subside.