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February 2010
Dear Friends in Christ,
February began for O.S.M. with Micah in Haiti. Our hearts were touched daily as we learned more about the situation. In this newsletter we hope to share with you some of Micah's experiences.
When he arrived in PAP (Port-au-Prince), he said it was like entering a war zone. There were a lot of medical ships in the bay, helicopters were flying over constantly, large military aircraft were lined up beside the runway and people were unloading supplies. There were no customs. Haiti was welcoming all the help they could receive.
The first week Micah, along with 3 doctors and 2 nurses, tried to plug themselves into several clinics set up throughout PAP. Micah was blessed to assist a paramedic from North Carolina who was cleaning wounds and changing bandages. The medical tents were full and thousands of people were waiting outside to be seen. Micah saw many people who had lost limbs and witnessed the reality of a life changed by losing an arm or leg.
He was also able to work alongside Dr. John Leininger who stayed busy doing paperwork for the orphans in Haiti Children's Rescue Mission (HCRM). John is working very hard to get as many of these orphans out of Haiti as he can. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually it would be much better for these children to get out of their situation. The number of children at HCRM went from 55 to over 120 within days after the earthquake. The team located an orphanage called Notre Dame, in PAP, in which there were about 75 children alive and about 55 children who had died and were still in the rubble. They were receiving no help, so the team brought supplies and medical help to the children and workers. Micah asks that you would pray for these orphans, the administrators and the pastors who are trying to help in Haiti.
After the medical team left Haiti, a Christian news team from Vision Forum arrived. Micah was put in charge of hosting this team by arranging for their lodging, meals, transportation, interpreters ect. We would like to share with you the excellent fruit of Doug Phillips and Vision Forum's work. You can view his notes and short video clips at (click on Doug's Blog).
We are so grateful for Lussade and Madame Lussade's gift of hospitality. They housed and fed Micah and all who were with him. We praise the Lord for His financial gift to help add 2 guest rooms to Lussade's home for future teams. Because of your love and gifts the walls were already up and now he is working to have a roof put on. Also through some of you, the Lord provided a small generator for Lussade's home. This was very helpful while the teams were staying with him.
While the Vision Forum team was working in PAP, they found and brought a 13 year old young man named Rood to the orphanage. He had a very fine Christian family who all died under the rubble of their home. Rood lay for several days with his sweet Mommy's head on his chest and upper arm where she threw her body to protect him from their falling home. When he was dug out his arm had to be amputated. Other than that he was fine. He gave honor to Jesus Christ when asked how he survived knowing he was the only member of his family left alive.
Micah was honored and humbled when 2 of his good friends in Haiti broke down and cried with him. Pastor Etean and Whistler both have worked with Micah many times. He told us he didn't really know what to do or say, so he just hugged them and prayed with them. We assured him that was all that he could do for either of them. Both of these precious Brothers in Christ have been suffering deeply because of all the loss in PAP. In fact, Micah says there was no one in the orphanage not affected by a loss within their families.
In Mexico, we were blessed to learn that there are quite a few more boys attending Toncho's classes in the Carpenter House. This is very encouraging as it is difficult to get boys and young men involved in constructive activities. The sadness is that often the influence of older brothers and even their own fathers is what encourages the young men to turn their hearts away from Jesus. We praise the Lord for the increased interest in spending time with Toncho, learning woodworking, and having a time of Bible study together!!
Leti has things going non-stop at the Dorcas House. She has so many girls that they have outgrown the building, a problem for which we are grateful!! Last month she asked to have some benches built to have a little more room for the girls to all sit during the classes. Every inch of that building is full of machines, tables and girls. The Lord is adding to the numbers and we need to add space to better accommodate them.
Trying to edit this letter into a couple of pages has been very difficult this month. There is so much to be said about Haiti and Mexico. For more pictures and articles please go to our website and click on Current News.
Christ said the poor would always be with us. We have always felt that He specifically places those before us that He wants us ministering to. We hope we have shared some needs with you that have touched your heart. Please pray and see if the Lord would have you help and how. We are so grateful for your love, your prayers and your gifts, which is Christ's way of enabling us to minister in His name. We praise His name for each of you and every person He gives us to share His love!!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family