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January 2010
Dear Friends in Christ,
Our hearts have been broken with the news of the earthquake in Haiti. Many of you have probably kept up with the news about the 7.0 earthquake that devastated the country on January 12th. Our son, Micah, joined a medical team which took the first flight they could find to Haiti on the 20th of January. We would first like to update you on Micah's December Haiti trip and then fill you in on the latest earthquake relief work there.
The December trip was once again an exciting adventure for Micah. It began with an 8 hour drive to Joli Guilbert. The team's plan was to hold classes to train the local healthcare workers. It seems God had other plans for them. When they woke up one morning there were around 50 people who were in need of medical attention waiting outside the compound where they were staying. Micah, Whistler (a Haitian medical student), and Jacqueline (a Haitian nurse), stayed back to care for the people. The rest of the team went to teach healthcare workers. By the end of the day they had almost run out of medical supplies because of all of the patients they had seen. Transportation was provided for 10 people with serious problems to be taken to a hospital. Nearly 150 people were treated that day. One man had been in a machete fight, another little girl had third degree burns on her face. It was a long day filling prescriptions and doing wound care, but Micah was grateful to be a part of it.
After returning to Port au Prince they stayed in an orphanage run by a Haitian friend, Jean Fritz. Nearly 70 children are staying there. They spent time helping with repairs on the facility and playing with the children. Micah also visited both of the O.S.M. schools. The children are always happy to see him, welcoming him with songs in English.
Since the earthquake we have been in touch with the schools. Both are still standing praise the Lord, and the pastors and teachers are all well. We have not been in touch with each of the school children yet, but are praying for their safety.
Micah is now back in Haiti and staying very busy. He and a team of doctors and nurses went down to offer help in any way they could. The children from Jean Fritz's orphanage are all well. The building, however, sustained damage and is unstable for the children to sleep in at night. They are sleeping outside on the ground, which is cold and damp due to the mountain's humidity. As a result, many of them are suffering from colds. Many homeless children have shown up at the orphanage gate since the earthquake.
The needs in Haiti are overwhelming and can not all be listed in one newsletter. We are updating our blog frequently with news, video and pictures that Micah sends us. You can stay informed through our web site:, Click on Haiti Earthquake or Current News to stay updated with the latest information from Micah. Many people want to help by going to Haiti or by donating supplies. Because of the shortage of flights, food, and water, the best way to help is by sending funds to support the people already there.
Please continue to pray with us for Haiti and that God will use this to turn the hearts of people toward Him. Also pray for Micah's safety as he has experienced aftershocks almost daily and sometimes a couple of times a day. Damage is still being done, lives are lost and buildings crushed due to these aftershocks.
In Mexico we continued to work on The Caretaker's House, which is almost completed. Micah and Holly went down and helped with the completion of the painting of the inside of the house. They also collected coats and blankets and raised funds for heaters and food, which they purchased and distributed. Their time was packed with projects from the minute they arrived until they were driving away!
God was faithful in providing for many projects to be completed. Ken and Kenny were able to help Toncho get electricity hooked up to his home, meds were purchased for little Jesùs, and meals were prepared and given to couples. Amidst these projects and many more, Deb spent much time at the computer staying updated on Haiti and responding to e-mails. If you would like to be added to our e-mail list and receive first hand Haiti updates please let us know by sending an e-mail to:
We were blessed to see even the people in Nava getting involved in reaching out to Haiti. There were donation boxes organized by the Red Cross at the banks and fund raising through the local police. People everywhere have been touched deeply by the needs of the Haitian people.
Thank you for your prayers for our family and ministry as we seek to serve where God leads. Please continue to pray for Haiti and Mexico. We hope to have more pictures and updates on Haiti in our next newsletter. Communication there is limited, so we can only get so much information from Micah.
Blessings in Christ,
The Kennedy Family