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December 2009
Dear Friends in Christ,
Thanks to so many of you for your interest in the gift brochure we sent out in October. Because of your encouraging response, we had a very busy December in Nava. We are very excited and praise the Lord for the many opportunities to reach out with food, heaters, goats and other expressions of love for many people.
We, along with Pastor Santos, passed out 16 baby goats, 3 heaters, gave away food dispensias (packages), and helped Paulina, Leti, and Toncho with their ministries. The cute nativity scene at the bottom of this page was made by Leti and her girls for the Dorcas House. It was encouraging to spend time with Pastor Santos and meet new families who we have not worked with in the past. Santos wanted to work in the colonia of the Vida Nueva Church. We went to three Thursday night services supplying food for meals as well as baked goods, hot chocolate and coffee. The people were so happy to receive a warm meal. Most of these families have no electricity and live on dirt floors. While we were there the temperatures were in the 30's and 40's. Their living conditions broke our hearts.
When we were visiting the Vida Nueva Church, Debbi recognized one of the young women who was in attendance. We met Rosie years ago when O.S.M. built a home for her family. Now she was at church with her husband and 3 little children. A few days after we saw them at church, her youngest child, Deborah (8 months), fell into a bed of coals which had been placed on the floor to heat their home. Her face was badly burned including small burns on her eye. She spent several days in the hospital in Allende. Doctors believe her face will heal with little scarring. Praise the Lord there was no permanent damage to her eye. Rosie looked about as pitiful as anyone we have seen in a long time. We were happy to provide her with a food package and a heater. Rosie was so happy and grateful for the gifts for her family.
Two other members of the Vida Nueva Church received heaters this month. One woman, Gloria, has a club foot and can only walk with the assistance of a walker. She was very excited and grateful to receive a heater for her home. Another man, Jesús, is paralyzed from his waist down. Several other families were helped by having their propane tanks refilled. Although the propane heaters are more economical for the families to use, at times the expense of refilling the propane is something they cannot afford. Thank you for your thoughtful gifts for these homes!!
The Caretaker's House only needs a few more things to be finished. We had hoped that we would be able to have electricity connected before Pastor Santos and Fini moved in. So far, that has not happened. Ken, Kenny and Micah worked on a fence around the house. They hope to keep a guard dog in and cows out of their yard. The cost to have electricity run to the Ranch of Faith will be nearly $20,000. We are praying for God to provide this. We hope to eventually build more homes, buildings, barns and pens for animals.
We really enjoyed distributing goats to children. Pastor Santos had several children in mind who we had not met before. Each of them were so excited when we drove up with goats in the back of the truck. It was so sweet to see those happy little faces as they received a goat. Lots of excited children!!
This month we did not go to Florida as we often do in December. Our sweet, little granddaughter Suzanna was due any day and we did not want to be so far away when she decided to arrive. On Christmas day we were in Nava. It was fun to pass out goats and give away cooked turkeys to families who don't have an oven for cooking. It was humbling again when we arrived to deliver the food thinking they would add our food to their traditional Christmas meal of tamales. The families had no other food in their homes. They were waiting for the delivery of the turkeys as their meal for the day. Praise the Lord for His provision!!
The most exciting news around here is the arrival of a beautiful, sweet new addition to our family. Suzanna Charity Wean was born on Dec. 30. She weighed 7 pounds and 4 ounces, 20 inches long, and arrived at 1:30 in the afternoon. Suzanna, Sara, and Joel are all doing well, praise the Lord. We exalt the name of Jesus for His goodness and wonderful gifts for us!!
In December, Micah spent 13 days in Haiti helping with medical needs. We didn't have enough room in this newsletter to share his trip with you, but are looking forward to giving you an update the end of January.
It was a blessed month with our friends in Nava. We are grateful for your kind response to the needs of our friends in Nava and in Haiti. We trust and pray that each of you and your families will continue to draw closer and closer to our Lord, Jesus Christ in 2010!!
Blessings in Christ,
The Kennedy Family