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September 2009
Dear Friends in Christ,
What a blessing to receive much needed rain this month in Nava! The rain brought cooler weather with some days in the 50's. Such a drastic change from August when the temperatures were in the 100's!
We worked toward the completion of the interior of the caretaker's house this month. Luis, a young man who lives in the colonia, helped us put up the plywood for the ceilings. We also installed some paneling, which almost finished the walls. With a primer coat on the walls and ceilings, we hope to complete the painting in October. Brother Braulio installed all of the windows. Brother Stephan stuccoed the wall beside the stove and built a septic tank in the back yard. Toward the end of the week, the glass was installed in the handmade wooden windows. Praise the Lord everything looks great!!
Stephan is an Elder of the John 3:16 Church. We really respect him because of his tremendous zeal for sharing the gospel with the lost. We feel honored to work with Pastor Santos and leaders like Stephan and Toncho. They continually look for opportunities to share their faith. These are the type of people we are excited to help facilitate. They and other evangelism team members from the New Life Church led 7 new converts to Christ one evening. Glory to Jesus!!
The John 3:16 Feeding Program is still doing well. We took Sister Paulina to the grocery store and purchased food for the month. She is now feeding about 85 children. She still does a tremendous job preparing the food as well as praying over and serving the meals each day.
This month we were honored to attend the local Bible Bee, in San Antonio. On September 12th, there were over 300 Bible Bees all throughout the United States. A couple of days later we were asked to return and distribute awards. We believe that Shelby would have been so happy and excited to see so many children across the U. S. A. memorizing Scripture. She loved children and she loved God's Word. This is such a beautiful way for her to be remembered. If you would like to learn more, go to to see what the Lord is doing through the Shelby Kennedy Foundation.
~Praise and Prayer Requests~
We praise the Lord that He spared the lives of our son Mark and his wife Gabby this month. Their vehicle was hit almost head on by a truck coming toward them in their lane. Mark was driving and received the majority of the impact. He was pinned into the truck for almost an hour before the jaws-of-life arrived to cut him out. He and Gabby were both air lifted to a San Antonio hospital. He had surgery on his broken left arm and they had to reattach a finger. Gabby is sore and very bruised, but doing well. Praise the Lord their two little girls were not riding with them. They both feel this was a wake-up call by the Lord to make Him a higher priority in their lives and in their family. Please pray for their physical healing and spiritual growth.
Only a Servant Ministries will be having a board meeting on October 6th. Please pray for wisdom and direction as we meet to discuss the future and vision for O.S.M.
The schools in Haiti are going well. We thank the Lord that He provided another year's rent for Pastor Petti's school. Please be in prayer about helping Lussade financially through O.S.M. He is adding a second story to his home. His next step is a roof. This is a tremendous blessing as he and his family desire to use this for hosting us when we visit.
We praise the Lord for each of you and pray His blessings on you. Thank you for your continued prayer and support for our family!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family