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July 2009
Dear Friends in Christ,
Sister Fini and the ladies of the Juan 3:16 Church hosted 3 Bible schools in Nava this month. They were very grateful for the involvement of OSM in helping provide food for the children's meals. Thank you for your response to this need. In all, they reached nearly 230 children with whom they shared the gospel through these Bible schools. Pastor Santos pastors all three churches in which the classes were held, Juan 3:16, Alpha & Omega and Vida Nueva. Bible Schools are a little different in Mexico because often older children and sometimes even adults will attend. Each day the gospel is presented and the children are encouraged to give their hearts to Jesus. We have many friends and have met others who came to Christ through a Bible School. Some even had their whole family come to Christ through this kind of evangelism. Many of the children attending the Bible Schools come from homes where the parents do not attend church. It is exciting for us to see the children there and have an opportunity to reach out to the next generation.
Ken, Kenny, and Micah stayed busy working with Braulio (Paulina's husband), at the caretaker's house. Ken and Micah worked on roughing in the electric. Oscar has been steadily working on the stucco and concrete for the house, finishing the outside walls and working in the kitchen some. Kenny is now our main Spanish translator, so he stays busy helping Ken communicate with each of the workers.
Another project that you helped us accomplish was the repair of an old windmill that will be the water source for the caretaker's house. It took several days and was quite a learning experience, but the pump was repaired and new pipe installed. It is now pumping cool clean water into the cistern.
We have an update on two of the ladies we helped while in Haiti. The woman with the big tumor on her jaw, Lauret, is still working on paperwork to come to a hospital in Miami where her medical treatment will be provided. Please continue to pray for her. The older woman who had her arm amputated is back at home doing much better. She stayed extra time at the hospital in Cayes to help her gain weight before being taken back home to be with her husband again. We praise the Lord for her improved health, but please pray for her salvation.
It is such a blessing to continue working in Nava with Pastor Santos and Sister Fini. We are very grateful to each of you who pray and support the work in Mexico and Haiti. May the Lord encourage your hearts as you have blessed and encouraged many others.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family
~Praise and Prayer Requests~
We praise the Lord for the work He has given us this month. It is very encouraging to see the caretaker's house moving towards completion. Next month, Aug. 17-21, we have a family coming to join us in working on the caretaker's house as well as delivering food parcels to 40-50 families in the colonia. Pray for their safe travel from Iowa, that our work goes well, and that the Lord is honored by the projects we accomplish.
Our family is excited by the massive response to the Bible Bee that is being hosted in Washington D.C. on Nov. 5-6. The Shelby Kennedy Foundation is sponsoring a nationwide Bible memory bee in which young people who have won at their local levels will come together to compete for a grand prize in each of their age categories. Please pray that a fire for Bible memory will be ignited all over the United States and eventually all over the world. If you would like to learn more about the National Bible Bee go to
Kenny and Micah will be joining Pastor Isidro and Sister Flory again this year for their church's annual mission trip. They will be going south into Mexico to San Louis and Dr. Mora. The team from the church will be on 3 buses and Kenny will drive the truck to help transport food each day. Their main emphasis is evangelism. Last year Kenny was with the team which began the first protestant church in Dr. Mora ever. Dr. Mora is a small farming community and San Louis is a very large beautiful city, both about 12-13 hours south into Mexico. The area is beautiful, yet is closed to the gospel. Please pray for safety for the team and that many people would come to Christ through their door-to-door evangelism and evening services. If anyone would like to donate Bibles for this trip, the cost is $52 for a case of 24 paperback Bibles.