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April 2009
Dear Friends in Christ,
Nava is definitely getting warmer this month with temperatures already reaching 100 degrees. Praise the Lord we are still enjoying cooler mornings and evenings.
Ken, Kenny, and Micah worked with Oscar and Bob preparing and pouring front and back porches for the caretaker's house. We are very happy with the work that was accomplished. As usual, Oscar did a great job. They also poured a small footer for the chimney since the house will be heated by a wood burning stove. The stucco was completed on the inside as well. We had hoped the roof would happen this month, but the funds just weren't there. The Lord willing, it will be accomplished next month.
The Dorcas House is the exciting news for the month! We have never seen it so busy in its existence. So far, Lety has 28 girls who have signed up and are attending classes. That number far exceeded anything we imagined. Each class begins with a time in God's Word and prayer and is followed by sewing lessons and crafts. Lety holds class Tuesday through Friday, which involves two hours in the morning, two in the afternoon, and then six hours on Saturday. This schedule helps her students work around their school schedules. Every time we visited, they were hard at work. Some girls were even working outside since there was not enough room inside. We were excited to see many of the girls we know from the Juan 3:16 Church as well as many new faces from the colonia. After two weeks of classes, Lety invited the girls' parents to the Dorcas House to see what their daughters had done. In this way she is able to reach the girls and their parents with the gospel. If this keeps up, we will be adding on to the Dorcas House soon!
Toncho is staying busy in the Carpenter House next door. About 10-15 boys show up each day. It has been a blessing to see the boys working and learning with Toncho. They are learning much more than carpentry skills because Toncho has a heart to disciple them.
~Praise and Prayer Requests~
Please lift in prayer, Debbi, Micah, and Brigitta as they will travel to Haiti May 9th thru the 19th. This will be Brigitta's first trip back to Haiti. Micah's vision of a medical team ballooned into a large group with several doctors and medically trained people. They will be returning to Joli Guibert (pronounced jolly-go-bear with a French twist). While in Haiti, they will visit the schools led by Pastor Marc and Pastor Petty Noelle. These schools are supported by you through O.S.M. Time will be spent with O.S.M.'s Haitian Administrator, Lussade. Please remember them in prayer.
Pray with us that God will provide the funds for the next phase of construction on the caretaker's house. We are so excited about this project and have enjoyed each month working on it a little at a time. Please pray about fully or partially funding this project which will cost about $2,500. The potential outreach on the Ranch of Faith is huge as we hope to encourage the men and young men in Christ. We are looking forward to seeing how God uses this for His kingdom.
We praise the Lord for the provision for Lety to receive a salary to minister to so many girls in the colonia. The sewing and carpentry shops are just tools to help reach the young people in that area. There are very few opportunities for the children to have a place to spend time constructively. We are so happy for the interest of these young people. Pray with us that many hearts are turned to Christ through these ministries.
In April we almost depleted our stock of Spanish Bibles, with over a case going to the Dorcas House Ministry. If you would like to sponsor a case of Bibles to be given away, the cost is $205.00.
Knowing the situation of our current economy, our prayers are with so many of you who have been affected. The impact on the poor in third world countries is amplified when the U.S. is in a slump. We ask the Lord's mercy and forgiveness over this land. We are so grateful for those of you who continue to pray for our family and those who continue to sacrificially support O.S.M. through your financial gifts. May the Lord provide bountifully for you and your families.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family