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February 2009
Dear Friends in Christ,
Once again I am grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to visit Haiti with John Leininger and his team. The trip began with a visit to the children at Pastor Peti Noel's school and Pastor Mark's school. The children always greet us with songs and appreciation for the one meal a day they receive, thanks to many of you. To some of us this does not seem like a lot, but living in a country where some people have to eat dirt cookies to stay alive, it means a lot more. We were blessed to purchase and pass out 260 Bibles. This was a real blessing for the children and the teachers. In many Haitian churches the pastor has the only Bible.
Some time was spent working at HCRM (Haiti Children's Rescue Mission), where we did some needed maintenance work, passed out shoes, and played with the children. One of the days there, John Leininger wanted to grill some hamburgers for the children. We asked them what they wanted to eat. Two said hamburgers and the rest said chicken. We cooked half the meal as hamburgers and the other half chicken. It ended up that the hamburgers were their favorite. We found out later that they did not know what a hamburger was. We all had a great time with them.
Before we knew it, we were on a 45 minute flight to Cayes. Upon arrival we immediately got into one of the Land Cruisers and headed up the mountain over a very bumpy, dirt road for 4 hours, traveling about 40 miles.
The next day it rained a lot, but we were able to get part of a cistern installed for a local church. By the time we left, cisterns had been installed at 2 churches. Praise the Lord!! While we were working, Pastor Mike Leininger had Biblical teaching for the local Pastors. They were very receptive.
In one of the areas, Jolly Gilbert, in which we were working, no one has cars for traveling. As a result, there are lots of trails to walk. We enjoyed spending time hiking through the mountains and meeting people as we passed by their huts. Sometimes the people would come to us and ask us to pray for them, their homes, or for help with medical needs.
Each evening 35-40 people were waiting for us to help with their medical problems. One child who came to us was a little 3-year old girl who was very malnourished. We got her to eat a cracker, but she was too tired to eat more. We decided to insert an IV. It was difficult to locate her tiny veins, but we managed. Although we did all that we could, about two weeks later we heard that she had passed away.
While eating lunch one day, Stephanie, a nurse from California, and I saw a big truck go by. As it passed some children were trying to jump on the back of the truck. One little boy got to the top and fell off landing on his head. As soon as we saw him fall, we knew we were going to be busy with him for awhile. He had several deep cuts and abrasions, but we patched him up and sent him on his way again.
One day on the way back to the compound, some Haitians stopped us on the road and told us that their sister had been in labor for three days. We took her to the compound which is in a very remote area with limited medical supplies. After further examination, we realized that we could not help her. We loaded her into the truck, and some of the team members took her to Hospital Lumiere in Cayes. On the way she started to have the baby, so they pulled off the road and delivered her baby girl. The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck 3 times and she didn't survive. After ten minutes of CPR they had to accept the fact that there was nothing more that they could do.
All this made me realize how much I take for granted. People die there in Haiti, everyday from such things. We treated a lot of people with malnutrition, lots of infections and many other maladies. When we are not there, many people go to the local witch doctor. He does nothing to help them medically, but usually treats them with something satanic.
Please prayerfully consider joining John Leininger and me for a medical team we are planning to this same area, May 11-20. We would love to have as many medical people: doctors, nurses, or EMT's as possible join us. We also need lots of others to help with the pharmacy, crowd control, and cleaning wounds.
Micah Kennedy (nicknamed "Ti-Doc" in Haiti)
On February 14th, the John 3:16 Church had a very sweet service in honor of Joel and Sara. Sara wore her wedding dress so that her friends in Mexico were able to see the dress she made. About 100 people attended. They sang praise songs, Santos preached a short message, and a delicious meal was served. It ended with a wedding cake. The whole evening was so precious. It was very encouraging and uplifting to receive the love of Brothers and Sisters in Christ from Nava!!
Praise the Lord we have completed the majority of the work on Ramiro and Maria's home! With your help, we worked hard pouring cement, laying block, stuccoing, installing windows, framing, roofing, caulking, painting, installing a new stove & heater, cleaning and stocking the kitchen. It has been a tremendous encouragement to work in their home. Everyday Maria cooked and offered us a delicious meal. Their whole family has been waiting in excitement to use their indoor bathroom and kitchen. What a blessing for a family who has never had either! The porch came as an after-thought since on warmer days she puts Jesus outside in his wheel chair for sunshine and fresh air. Now complete with small ramps, she can set him right outside the kitchen and keep her eye on him. Thanks to you, we were even able to purchase a chucka-chucka (this is what Maria calls a washing machine) and a refrigerator. These fit perfectly on the back porch protected from the elements.
While finishing Ramiro and Maria's home, work was also in progress at the Ranch of Faith. Oscar and a friend of his, who are both non-Christians, worked to repair a con-crete cistern on the property. Kenny helped when he could and took the opportunity to witness to them. Please pray for Kenny as he often comes in contact with men who are not saved. Pray that he would witness Jesus Christ to them by his words and his actions. Also pray that the words he spoke to Oscar would press deeply into his heart and mind and help draw him to Christ.
Several evenings we were blessed to have some families of the John 3:16 Church in our home. Pastor Santos and Sister Fini joined us each evening and it was a great time of sweet fellowship. They expressed their desire to join us for a dedication service at Maria and Ramiro's home the next evening. What a blessing to have some members of the John 3:16 Church reaching out to their family in love, prayer, songs and encouragement in Christ!! This was such an encouraging time of sharing with one another through tears of appreciation, that not one person left that evening without being uplifted in Christ.
Thank you so much for your continued prayers, love and support to O.S.M. and our family, we are thankful for another month of serving Christ in Mexico and Haiti.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family
~Praise and Prayer Requests~
We are grateful to the Lord for His love and care over our family. As many of you are feeling the effects of the slower economy, our friends in Mexico and Haiti are also feeling it. Many men are out of work and have no real way to provide for their families. Please pray that the Lord will continue to provide the funds for ministry in these areas.
Sister Leti has been Sara's right hand and most faithful seamstress for almost 3 years now. She has come a long way in her sewing skills and learns quickly. Her greatest attribute is a heart for the Lord Jesus Christ. She is continually sharing Jesus with the public and encouraging her sisters in the Lord while at work in the Dorcas House. It is our prayer and desire that Leti can continue her work there. We would like to raise support for her to teach girls of all ages sewing skills while spending time with them in God's word. We desire and pray that many girls will come to enjoy sewing and most importantly have a relationship with Christ. Please prayerfully consider supporting Leti with any monthly amount. Her total support needs to be approximately $180.00 monthly.